Remember… and pass it on.

Remember: zakar (Strong's 2142) Root: זָכַר (zayin, kaf, resh) The end of the year is a time of remembrance. We look back on what happened and we look forward to what will come. The notion of future and past is very different between Jewish and Gentile thinking. We see the future ahead of us, waiting to be explored,… Continue reading Remember… and pass it on.

Stars: Declaring God’s Glory

Star(s): kokav/kokavim (Strong’s 3556) Root: כּוֹכָב (kaf-vav-kaf-bet) Sounds like: koe-kawv (singular)/kokaw-veem (plural) The star has become a mainstay of Christmas imagery. They top the Christmas tree, they are made into Christmas cookies and they are displayed on Christmas cards. But where do stars show up in the Bible? The first time we see stars in Hebrew… Continue reading Stars: Declaring God’s Glory

Bethlehem: Oh Little House of Bread

Bethlehem: Bet Lechem (Strong's 1035) Oh little town of Bethlehem how still we see thee lie. Above thy deep and dreamless sleep the silent stars go by. בֵּ֥ית לָֽחֶם (Bethlehem) is made up of two Hebrew words: Bet בֵּ֥ית (meaning house) and lechem לָֽחֶם (meaning bread). So, Bet-lechem means House of Bread. In fact numerous Hebrew… Continue reading Bethlehem: Oh Little House of Bread

Chanukkah: A Celebration of Dedication and Light.

Dedication: Chanukkah (Strong’s 2597, 2598) Root: חֲנֻכָּה (chet, nun, kaf, hey) The word Chanukkah is translated as "Dedication" and it is only used a handful of times in the Hebrew Scriptures… mostly connected with celebrating the building or rebuilding of YHWH’s Tabernacle or Temple. But the word really takes its cultural significance from the Jewish Festival… Continue reading Chanukkah: A Celebration of Dedication and Light.

Peace: Restoring a Relationship with God, Face to Face

Shalom: Peace. Strong’s 7965 (sha-lowm) Root: שָׁלַם shin/lamed/mem The Jewish concept of peace is different than what you might think. Peace is not the absence of conflict or the opposite of war. Peace, instead, is a state of wholeness, completeness, fulfillment. It is a restored relationship… a unity with God. It denotes harmonious security and well being.… Continue reading Peace: Restoring a Relationship with God, Face to Face