Sa’ar: Weathering the STORM

STORM/TEMPEST: Sa’ar, noun (Strong’s 5591). Root: סער Sounds like: sah'ar In the early hours of Saturday morning I sat in my living room, in the dark, and listened to the howling and terrifying winds of Hurricane Fiona on Prince Edward Island. How strange and humbling it was to sit in the middle of a raging… Continue reading Sa’ar: Weathering the STORM

Malkah/Gebirah: The QUEEN

QUEEN: Malkah, feminine noun (Strong’s 4436); Malak, verb “to become queen or king” (Strong’s 4427); Gebirah, Lady/Queen Mother, feminine noun (Strong’s 1377). Root: מלך and גבר Sounds like: mal’kah, m’lak, g’beera I am Canadian, a member of the Commonwealth, and a descendant of United Empire Loyalists… which means I am Canadian because some of my… Continue reading Malkah/Gebirah: The QUEEN

Al’manah: The WIDOW

WIDOW: almanah, feminine noun (Strong’s 490); Widowhood: almon, masculine noun (Strong’s 489); Widowed: alman, adjective (Strong’s 488). Root: אלמן Sounds like: al’manAW As of yesterday I have been a widow for one year. It’s a heavy title to bear, and I will carry it for the rest of my life. I recall reading about widows… Continue reading Al’manah: The WIDOW


SHINE FORTH: Yapha, verb, (Strong’s 3313). Root: יפע Sounds like: yah'fah YHWH Shone It’s no secret that light is one of the key metaphors in the Bible. We’ve looked at light, lamp, sun, lightning, and radiance/sunstreams, so this week we're going to look at the verb yapha (meaning to shine forth, or to send out… Continue reading Yapha: SHINE FORTH!