T’ehnah: The Sweet FIG TREE/FIGS

FIG TREE/FIGS: T’ehnah, feminine noun. (Strong's 8384). In Hebrew lettering: תאנה Sounds like: t'eh'nah. The Bible is full of garden metaphors: seed, spring growth, fruit, and harvest. Symbolically, in the Scriptures, humans are like trees. We are planted seeds; we sprout and grow with God’s love and guidance. When we are healthy children of YHWH… Continue reading T’ehnah: The Sweet FIG TREE/FIGS

No Words

Every week I love sharing a Hebrew word with you. This week I have no words. Kevin, my husband of 23 years, passed away on Friday September 10th, at the age of 50. Things happen in an instant. Life changes in a moment. But as the writer of the book of Hebrews announced, Jesus the… Continue reading No Words

Revisiting Kippur: ATONEMENT

At sunset on Wednesday begins Yom Kippur... the most solemn day in the Jewish calendar. Yom means "day" and Kippur means "atonement"... although it can also be read as ransom or covering. It is the day to ask for atonement, for all that needs forgiving over the past year. *** Although there are a lot… Continue reading Revisiting Kippur: ATONEMENT

Ugah: Let them eat CAKE!

CAKE: Ugah. Feminine noun. (Strong’s 5692). The most generic Hebrew word for cake/loaf was ugah, but there was also many specific cakes mentioned, including: Raisin cake (A’shishah: Strong’s 809); Fig cake (D’velah: Strong’s 1690); Offering cake (Khallah: Strong’s 2471); and Pagan cake (Kavvan: Strong's 3561). Root: עגה Sounds like: oo-gah Today is bitter-sweet for me.… Continue reading Ugah: Let them eat CAKE!