Tsedeq: RIGHTEOUSNESS- Seeking God in the Garden

Righteousness: tsedeq, masculine noun (Strong's 6664); tsedaqah, feminine noun, (Strong's 6666). Root: צדק (tsade-dalet-qof) Sounds like: tze'dek What does it mean to be righteous? For many people righteousness is assigned to people who act holier than thou or self-righteous... people who point fingers and see themselves as better than someone else. But this is not how… Continue reading Tsedeq: RIGHTEOUSNESS- Seeking God in the Garden

Khesed- LOYAL LOVE in Action

LOVINGKINDNESS/ LOVING LOYALTY: khesed (Strong's 2617) Root: חסד Sounds like: khess'ed [kh is a guttural, back of the throat, sound like the “ch” in name of the composer, Bach] Khesed has a complicated translation history. It has confounded a lot of scholars and English translators and because of that, it has a wide range of… Continue reading Khesed- LOYAL LOVE in Action

Ahava: What is LOVE without HEART?

To LOVE: ahav. verb. (Strong's 157). Root: אהב (aleph-hey-bet). LOVE is a beautiful word that is expressed in every language. Unlike New Testament Greek which has various words expressing different aspects of “love”, (erotic, companionship, divine), Hebrew has only the word ahav/ahava, which has been translated into English as “love”. Because of this, the Hebrew… Continue reading Ahava: What is LOVE without HEART?