To ISOLATE, to QUARANTINE, to SHUT, to CLOSE: Sagar. Verb. (Strong’s 5462). Root: סגר Sounds like: sag (rhymes with tag) -are, sag’are Is there any word more reflective of today’s climate, than sagar, meaning, to shut, to close, to quarantine, to isolate? We’re all going through it.  Between working from home, winter storms, and required… Continue reading SAGAR: To ISOLATE, QUARANTINE, CLOSE, SHUT


SANCTUARY/SACRED PLACE: Miqdash. Masculine Noun. (Strong's 4720). From the root qodesh, meaning "holy". Original lettering: מקדש Sounds like: mik-dawsh  When I think of the word sanctuary my mind immediately takes me to my favourite novel: Victor Hugo’s “Notre Dame de Paris”, published in 1831. In the book the anti-hero, Quasimodo, loved the gypsy Esmerelda. When… Continue reading Miqdash: SANCTUARY!

Amad: STAND Up!

STAND/STOOD: Amad (Strong’s 5975). (See also: yatsav/nitsav, meaning to take a stand (Strong’s 3320, 5324)). Root: עמד Sounds like: a’mawd/ oh’med In Hebrew this word can also mean to stop, settle, fix, appoint, confirm, establish, endure… it’s the idea that these things stand firm. All Creation Stands in the Presence of YHWH From the beginning,… Continue reading Amad: STAND Up!