Yaqar: Life is PRECIOUS

PRECIOUS/costly: yaqar. (Verb: 3365, Masculine Noun: 3366, Adjective: 3368). Root: יָקָר Sounds like: ya’car Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings film trilogy gets watched at our house a LOT… like, multiple times a year. So naturally the word “precious” immediately conjures up an image of Gollum possessively desiring the One Ring. The Ring, to Gollum, was the most… Continue reading Yaqar: Life is PRECIOUS

Gephen & Kerem: Good fruit from VINE & VINEYARD

VINE: gephen (Strong’s 1612). VINEYARD: kerem (Strong’s 3754). Both Masculine Nouns.  Root: גֶּפֶן & כֶּרֶם Sounds like: geh-fen & kar’ehm For a few years we lived in the lovely little rural village of Alma, Ontario. In our backyard was a large and prosperous grapevine. The first September in that house we were provided with an abundance of… Continue reading Gephen & Kerem: Good fruit from VINE & VINEYARD

Shaar: The GATE is shut… until the time comes.

GATE: shaar. Masculine Noun. (Strong’s 8179).  Root: שַׁעַר  Sounds like: sha’ahr When I was a student at the University of York I fondly recall walking through the iron gates towards the Centre for Medieval Studies, housed in the King’s Manor, York, England. The building received its name because it housed British Kings while they stayed… Continue reading Shaar: The GATE is shut… until the time comes.

Koakh: What is your super POWER?

POWER/ABILITY: koakh. Masculine Noun. (Strong’s 3581). Root: כֹּחַ Sounds like: koe’akh There's nothing cooler in the cinema these days than a super hero... men and women who have some sort of extraordinary power. Maybe they have superhuman strength, or the ability to fly, the ability to teleport, or the ability to read minds. All of those… Continue reading Koakh: What is your super POWER?

Satan: ADVERSARY is not a name

ADVERSARY/OPPOSER/ACCUSER: satan. Masculine noun (Strong’s 7854). Verb: To accuse, to oppose, to be adversarial (Strong’s 7853). Root: שָׂטָן Sounds like: saTahn There is a large amount of misunderstanding surrounding this word. Somehow it has become the name of the Evil One, although it was never intended to be. Satan simply means adversary or opposer. It may come as a shock… Continue reading Satan: ADVERSARY is not a name

Tohu v’vohu: FORMLESS & VOID… or uninhabitable chaos & emptiness?

FORMLESS: tohu. Masculine noun. (Strong’s 8414). Root: תֹּהוּ Sounds like: toe-hu VOID: vohu. Masculine noun. (Strong’s 922). Root: בֹּהוּ Sounds like: voe-hu Genesis 1:1-3 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and void [tohu v’vohu], and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of… Continue reading Tohu v’vohu: FORMLESS & VOID… or uninhabitable chaos & emptiness?

Bara: being CREATION-defenders

CREATE/CREATOR: bara. Verb. (Strong’s 1254) Root: בָּרָא Sounds like: bah-rah When I’m not plunking away at this blog, I’m either hanging out with my family or friends, or I’m at work. I’m a library technician at the University of Prince Edward Island. One of the most popular library trends, these days, is to host a… Continue reading Bara: being CREATION-defenders

Kanaph: WINGS of Refuge and Healing

WING, EDGE, CORNER: kanaph. Feminine noun. (Strong’s 3671). Root: כָּנָף Sounds like: kaw-nawf One of the great pleasures of living in Prince Edward Island is the stunning wild life. Yesterday I saw two gold finches flutter playfully in the tree branches; on Friday I watched a Northern Flicker take a dust bath in the road… Continue reading Kanaph: WINGS of Refuge and Healing

Qavah: What are you WAITING for?

WAIT: qavah. Verb. (Strong’s 6960). Root: קָוָה Sounds like: kaw-vah Today is the birthday of my incredibly bright, introverted, creative and valiant daughter, Bridget. Her birth was painful (as all drug-free births are), but I was fortunate in regards to how abruptly it started and how quickly it ended. I was particularly blessed, as she… Continue reading Qavah: What are you WAITING for?

Yalad: Our BIRTH Story

BIRTH (brought forth): yalad. Verb. (Strong’s 3205). Root: יָלַד Sounds like: yah-lahd. Today we celebrate mothers… those who raised children, and those who were unable to. We celebrate all women who were mothering in some way… women who have guided children, listened to them, loved them and supported them. Although we might not all be… Continue reading Yalad: Our BIRTH Story