Shoresh: The ROOT of the Story

ROOT: shoresh, masculine noun (Strong's 8328); sharash, verb (Strong's 8327). It’s planting season here on our tiny Island (Prince Edward Island), in Eastern Canada. PEI is known for its potatoes grown in the iron-rich red dirt. We may be the smallest province, but PEI is the largest potato-producing province in all of Canada. The Bible… Continue reading Shoresh: The ROOT of the Story

Addir: How MAJESTIC is Your Name

MAJESTIC: addir, adjective (Strong’s 117); adar, verb (Strong’s 142); eder, noun (Strong’s 145) Root: אדר Sounds like: adeer, a-dahr, eh-dehr YHWH, Our Majesty When we think of Majesty, today, often a figure of royalty comes to mind. In Canada we refer to our Queen as Her Majesty. In the Bible YHWH was, of course, described… Continue reading Addir: How MAJESTIC is Your Name

Anan/Av: The Presence of a CLOUD

CLOUD: Anan (Strong’s 6051) and Av (Strong's 5645) Root: Anan- ענן -sounds like ah'nahn Root: Av- עב -sounds like ahv Clouds are part of our everyday experience. We see them all the time, but we don't often take the time to appreciate them. And we should appreciate them! They bring shade, they bring rain, and… Continue reading Anan/Av: The Presence of a CLOUD

Malat: Escape, Deliverance, RESCUE

ESCAPED/DELIVERED/RESCUED: malat. verb. (Strong's 4422)  Root: מלט Malat is one of those Hebrew words, among many, that carry a wide array of translations. It is transcribed as escaped, delivered, saved and rescued. The idea is, when you escape from a terrible predicament, you are rescued from it. To be delivered is to be rescued and… Continue reading Malat: Escape, Deliverance, RESCUE

Ta’ah: To Go ASTRAY, to WANDER Away

To GO ASTRAY, to WANDER: Ta’ah (Strong’s 8582). Root: תעה This week we celebrated Passover and we remembered Yeshua’s (Jesus’) painful sacrifice which redeemed us and set us free from the heavy burden of death. Isaiah 53 was a Messianic prophecy, outlining this great sacrifice: Isaiah 53:5-6 But He was pierced for our offenses, He was… Continue reading Ta’ah: To Go ASTRAY, to WANDER Away

Revisiting Hosanna: H’woshia Nah

Three years ago I did a posting on the word HOSANNA. Today, being Palm Sunday, is the perfect day to revisit the word. Yeshua entered Jerusalem to celebrate Passover and the people recognized Him as Messiah, shouting: Matthew 21:9 “Hosanna to the Son of David!” Blessed is He who comes in the name of the… Continue reading Revisiting Hosanna: H’woshia Nah

Yalal: WAIL/HOWL… make a mournful noise

HOWL/WAIL- yalal (Strong's 3213, 3214, 3215, 421). Yalal (wailing/howling) in the Bible was different from crying and weeping... although similar in form, wailing was almost exclusively used in reaction to judgement and separation from YHWH: Hosea 7:13-14a [YHWH:] Woe to them, for they have strayed from Me! Destruction is theirs, for they have rebelled against… Continue reading Yalal: WAIL/HOWL… make a mournful noise

Amats: Revisiting COURAGE

Revisiting Courage: AMATS (Strong’s 553) It is wonderful to be able to study Hebrew words and get a greater understanding about the message behind the text. When you look at the Hebrew, in depth, it often gives a fuller picture than our modern English translations can give us. Understanding Hebrew really gives us a fuller… Continue reading Amats: Revisiting COURAGE

Khalav: MILK, a tall glass of comfort!

MILK: khalav (Strong’s 2461) Root: חלב Sounds like: khah-lahv Milk... it's the first source of nutrition we all started with. Before pablum, mushy peas and blueberries from a blender, we had milk. And that's how it's been throughout all of human history. Milk, cheese, curds, butter The first time we come across the word milk… Continue reading Khalav: MILK, a tall glass of comfort!

Kilyoht: KIDNEY/Mind

KIDNEY/MIND: kilyah (singular), kilyoht (plural) (Strong’s 3629).  Hebrew text for kilyoht: כליות Sounds like: kil-yaw and kil-yowt When you look at a Hebrew word like kilyoht it forces you to recognize that the Bible is written in an historical and cultural context. The Bible is not a modern scientific document, and any attempt to read… Continue reading Kilyoht: KIDNEY/Mind