T’ruah: Give a Joyful SHOUT

SHOUT- Teruah. feminine Noun. (8643); Rua. verb. (7321). Root: רוּעַ Sounds like: t-roo'ah and roo'ah This week is the celebration of Rosh Hashanah (head of the year) in the Jewish rabbinic calendar. It is essentially a New Year celebration but it takes place in the seventh month of the Biblical calendar. Although the phrase rosh… Continue reading T’ruah: Give a Joyful SHOUT

Limmud: Being a DISCIPLE.

DISCIPLE/TAUGHT ONE: limmud. adjective. (Strong’s 3928). To LEARN: lamad. verb. (Strong’s 3925). Root: למד Sounds like: lee-mood, lah-mawd This week was back to school on Prince Edward Island after a 6 month covid-related break. My daughters are now both in High School: Bridget is in her first year, and Grace in her last. They are… Continue reading Limmud: Being a DISCIPLE.

Min’khah: an OFFERING of Love

OFFERING/GIFT/PRESENT/TRIBUTE: min’khah. Feminine noun. (Strong’s 4503).  Original word: מִנְחָה Sounds like: meen'khah A Multitude of Offerings As humans we like to give gifts and receive gifts. It gives us joy! So it seems only right to give gifts to our God because we love Him and we want to show it. King David certainly felt… Continue reading Min’khah: an OFFERING of Love

M’qohr: The FOUNTAIN of Life

FOUNTAIN: m’qohr. Noun masculine. (Strong’s 4726). Original Word: מָקוֹר Sounds like: m’kohr I grew up in Tiverton, Ontario, Canada, along the shores of Lake Huron. I was a beach bum from the earliest days of my existence. We lived about 4 kms from the Lake but as much as I tried, I couldn’t convince my… Continue reading M’qohr: The FOUNTAIN of Life

Panim/Paneh: Seek My FACE

FACE/PRESENCE: paneh/panim. Noun Masculine. (Strong’s 6440).  Root: פָנָה Sounds like: p’neh/paneem Paneh/Panim/Face marks the 150th word of HebrewWordLessons.com… and I chose the word because it has such a profound meaning in the Gospel (Good News) story and yet, so many people do not recognize anything significant about the word. If you asked someone to list… Continue reading Panim/Paneh: Seek My FACE

Nes: BANNER of Victory and Love

BANNER/STANDARD/SIGNAL: Nes. Masculine noun. (Strong’s 5251); Nasas. Verb. (Strong’s 5264); and Degel. Masculine noun. (Strong’s 1714). Nes: נֵס Nasas: נָסַס Degel: דֶּגֶל Sounds like: ness/nawsas/dehghel There are many names in the Tanakh for YHWH. He is El Roi- The God who sees me (Genesis 16:11-14); El Shaddai- The God Almighty (Genesis 17:1-2, Genesis 48:3:, Genesis… Continue reading Nes: BANNER of Victory and Love


PESTILENCE/PLAGUE: dever. Noun masculine. (Strong’s 1698) Root: דֶּבֶר Sounds like: devehr It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 5 months since the world announced that it was under a global pandemic. The whole planet, it seemed, came to a grinding halt as we watched the rising number of infections and deaths. With the pandemic announcement… Continue reading Dever: PESTILENCE/PLAGUE

Khen: Amazing GRACE

GRACE/FAVOUR: khen. Noun masculine. (Strong’s 2580). Root: חֵן Sounds like: khayn Grace and favoured feel like very different words in English, but the Hebrew word khen captures both meanings. Grace is a gift, and to be favoured means we are gifted.  We named our oldest child Grace Anwen… and she is an incredible gift in… Continue reading Khen: Amazing GRACE

Selah: The Unknown Musical Word

SELAH: Verb (Strong’s 5542) Root: סֶלָה Sounds like: say-lah There’s a new little human on this planet, born on July 9th, and her name is Selah Grace. In these days of uncertainty and fear, her birth has brought immeasurable joy to her parents, family and friends. Selah’s birth is a reminder that YHWH is gracious… Continue reading Selah: The Unknown Musical Word

Arom/Erom/Ervah: NAKED and Exposed

NAKED: arom.  Adjective (Strong's 6174); Adjective/Masculine Noun Abstract (Strong's 5903); Feminine Noun (Strong's 6172). Arom: עָרוֹם Erom: עֵירֹם Ervah: עֶרְוָה Sounds like: ahrohm/ehrohm/air'vah Let us begin by saying… naked is not a dirty word. We all came into this world without a stitch of clothing. Nakedness is, in essence, our natural state. In shame we covered… Continue reading Arom/Erom/Ervah: NAKED and Exposed