Yeriah, Paroket, Masak, Masveh: Tearing Down the CURTAIN/VEIL

CURTAIN/VEIL: Yeriah, tent curtains (Strong’s 3407); Paroket, curtain as divider (Strong’s 6532); Masak, entrance veil, hanging, screen, covering (Strong’s 4539); Masveh, wearing a veil (Strong’s 4533). In Hebrew: Yeriah, (ye'ree'ah) יריעה; Paroket, (faro'ket/paro'ket) פרכת; Masak, (ma'sahk) מסך; Masveh, (mas'vey) מסוה. I like curtains. They're decorative and they have a purpose: they keep the sun out and the nosey neighbours from… Continue reading Yeriah, Paroket, Masak, Masveh: Tearing Down the CURTAIN/VEIL

Revisiting NAKHAM (Comfort)

Today is Tisha B'Av... literally the 9th day in the Hebrew month of Av... and it's a day where comfort is far from the minds of the Jewish people. The 9th day of Av, historically, is a day of sorrow and remembrance of great Jewish tragedies. Traditionally it is associated with the fall of the… Continue reading Revisiting NAKHAM (Comfort)


  To TRIUMPH/to be JUBILANT/to CELEBRATE- alaz, verb, (Strong’s 5937); alez, adjective, (Strong’s 5938). Root: עלז Sounds like: ah-lahz, ah'lez We often associate triumph with the world of sports. Beating your previous record is a personal triumph, winning the Stanley Cup is a team triumph, standing on the top of the Olympic podium makes you… Continue reading Alaz: CELEBRATE the Great TRIUMPH!

Revisiting MOSHEL (Dominion)

I live in a country that is officially called The Dominion of Canada. A dominion is often referred to as a place, like a realm, a territory, a colony; but dominion also means "power". To have dominion means to have power. A kingdom has a king; and a king has dominion over his kingdom. YHWH,… Continue reading Revisiting MOSHEL (Dominion)