Ger: FOREIGNERS of the Earth

Ger: Foreigner (Strong’s 1616) Root: גֵּר Sounds like: gair On Wednesday, June 27th, Canada celebrates Canadian Multiculturalism Day. We celebrate being a country founded on a mosaic of worldwide cultures. At the same time multiculturalism and immigration seems to be a hotly debated topic, not just in Canada, but around the world. No matter how hard… Continue reading Ger: FOREIGNERS of the Earth

Derek: this is the WAY. Walk in it.

The WAY: Derek; Masculine Noun (Strong’s 1870) Root: דרך dalet/resh/kaf Sounds like: de-rek The word derek means a path or a way. It was often represented just as it sounds, with someone casually strolling down a path or road. But there was also great emphasis on a singular path that YHWH has laid out for all… Continue reading Derek: this is the WAY. Walk in it.

Tefillah- Debunking “Thoughts and Prayers” (Part II)

Prayer: tefillah תְּפִלָּה (Strong's 8605). [sound’s like t’fee-lah]. Root: פָּלַל palal- to pray So last week we began our study on the popular catch-phrase, *thoughts* and prayers. We looked at how thoughts, from a Hebraic perspective, are plans for action. It’s not just  saying, “I’m thinking of you”, rather it is saying “I’m coming up with a… Continue reading Tefillah- Debunking “Thoughts and Prayers” (Part II)

Machashavah: Debunking “Thoughts and Prayers” (Part 1).

Thoughts: Machashavah מַחֲשָׁבָה (Strong’s 4284) [Sounds like: m’kha-shavah] Root: חָשַׁב (chashav) which means “to consider”. [Sounds like: kha-shav] The phrase “thoughts and prayers” has come to reflect a quick phrase you can pull off the shelf when a tragedy occurs. And certainly there have been a great many tragedies of late: bus accidents, school shootings,… Continue reading Machashavah: Debunking “Thoughts and Prayers” (Part 1).