Knowledge: Seeing DA’AT

Knowledge: da’at. noun. (Strong’s 1847) To Know: ya'da. verb. (Strong's 3045) Sounds like: da’awt/yah-dah I love the world of academia. Research and striving to obtain knowledge is my idea of a good day. As an academic library employee, I've devoted my career to helping others seek knowledge. The pursuit of knowledge is all over the… Continue reading Knowledge: Seeing DA’AT

Generations: The Mysteries of TOLEDOT

Generations: toledot (Strong’s 8435) Hebrew spelling: תּוֹלְדוֹת (tav, vav, lamed, dalet, vav tav). Sounds like: tole-dowt. I love reading and learning Hebrew Scripture, but it is not the only thing I do. I’m also a big fan of researching genealogies. I love diving into family history and helping others do the same. This week is… Continue reading Generations: The Mysteries of TOLEDOT

The heavens: Finding HASHAMAYIM

The heavens: hashamayim (Strong’s 8064) Root: שָׁמַ֫יִם (shin, mem, yod, mem sofit) Sounds like: sh’MYim Heaven & Earth The heavens, which is a single word in Hebrew, is the fifth word of the Torah, found in Genesis 1:1... In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. [Beresheit bara Elohim et ha-shamayin we-et ha-aretz]. Shamayim… Continue reading The heavens: Finding HASHAMAYIM

Rapha: The Word is HEALER

Healer: rapha. verb.  (Strong's 7495); r'phuah. feminine noun. (Strong's 7499). Root: רָפָא (resh, pey, aleph) Sounds like: rafah We have attributed many names to God: the Almighty, the Provider, Lord of Hosts, the Shepherd. However, one of the names He gave Himself is often forgotten. YHWH called Himself “Healer”: Exodus 15:26 And He [YHWH] said, "If… Continue reading Rapha: The Word is HEALER

Salvation: You Shall Name Him YESHUA

Salvation: Yeshuah יְשׁוּעָה (Strong’s 3444) Root: From Yasha “to save”, יָשַׁע  (yod, shin, ayin) Sounds like: y’shu-a Salvation is a word we often hear bantered around during Sunday service… but what does it really mean? Take theology out of it and it means deliverance from harm, ruin or loss. Theologically it also means the same… Continue reading Salvation: You Shall Name Him YESHUA