Yagon: SORROW in Exile

SORROW: yagon (masculine noun). (Strong’s 3015). Root: יָגוֹן Sounds like: ya-gohn.  The Hebrew word yagon is most often translated as sorrow, and sometimes grief. It is a fitting word for International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Many of us will see the hashtag #WeRemember as we scroll through social media today. And although we did not personally experience… Continue reading Yagon: SORROW in Exile

Nasa: Lift, Carry, and Bear the Weight

LIFT/CARRY/BEAR: nasa (verb). (Strong’s 5375). Root: נָשָׂא Sounds like: naw-saw. This week's Hebrew word is near the top of my list of favourites, because it is central to the entire Biblical story. In an attempt to save time here's the Bible in a nutshell: In the beginning humans made a terrible choice and in doing… Continue reading Nasa: Lift, Carry, and Bear the Weight

Sheleg: Let it SNOW

SNOW: sheleg (masculine noun) (Strong’s 7950) Root: שֶׁלֶג Sounds like: sheh-leg Prince Edward Island, Canada, is no stranger to snow. It comes in great white waves and the breezy Island winds love to twirl it about in seemingly choreographed gusts. Snow shimmers like diamonds on a sunny day and takes on a beautiful blue hue… Continue reading Sheleg: Let it SNOW

Resheet: A Love Story From the BEGINNING

Beginning: resheet (Feminine Noun) (Strong's 7225) Root: רֵאשִׁית Sounds like: ray-sheet Genesis 1:1 In the beginning [b’resheet] God created the heavens and the earth. The very first word in the Bible is the word beginning. We might think it’s the word “in”, but in Hebrew “in” is not a word itself, but a prefix. In… Continue reading Resheet: A Love Story From the BEGINNING