Even/Eben: A Costly STONE

STONE: even/eben. Feminine Noun. (Strong’s 68). Root: אֶבֶן Sounds like: ehven (rhymes with seven). Stone of Remembering This week in April, one year ago, I made my first trek to Alberta Canada. A week in Jasper National Park meant that I spent much of my time looking up... way up! The mountains were breathtaking; they… Continue reading Even/Eben: A Costly STONE

Nuakh: I Will Give You REST

REST: nuach (verb) (5117). RESTING PLACE:  m'nuchah (feminine noun) (4496). Root: נוּחַ Sounds like: noo'akh/m-noo-khaw We are such a busy bunch of bees… fluttering about, constantly moving, never slowing down, keeping up with the Joneses, multitasking, and marathoning. It seems to me that we have a hard time sitting still… until now, that is. Now,… Continue reading Nuakh: I Will Give You REST

Tamim: The BLAMELESS Children

BLAMELESS: tamim (adjective) (8549), tam (adjectjive) (8535). Root: תָּם / תָּמִים Sounds like: taw'meem / tawm. For many people around the globe, this is Holy Week. For Jewish and Messianic Jewish communities, this is the middle of Passover, and for many Christians this is Easter, or Good Friday and He-Is-Risen Sunday. It is normally a… Continue reading Tamim: The BLAMELESS Children

Khamor/Athon: The Needed DONKEY

DONKEY: khamor (male, masculine noun) (2543) & athon (female, feminine noun) (860).  Root (khamor): חֲמוֹר  Root (athon): אָתוֹן Sounds like: kha’more and ah'tohn. So those who know me well know that I have an affinity for donkey’s. My three favourite animals are cats (I live with three of them), skunks (we go way back), and… Continue reading Khamor/Athon: The Needed DONKEY