Shir: SING to Him a New Song

Sing: shir (verb) (Strong’s 7891) Root: שִׁיר Sounds like: sheer In the novel, Les Miserables, Victor Hugo wrote about the horrors of working as a galley slave, and how song carried the prisoners through the depths of despair: “For when there is no more hope, song remains”. We often think of singing in great joy during… Continue reading Shir: SING to Him a New Song

Tsel: SHADOW of Death; Life in the Shade

Shadow: tsel (Masculine Noun) (Strong’s 6738) Shadow of Death/Death-Shadow: tsal-mawet (Masculine Noun) (Strong’s 6757) Root: צֵל Sounds like: tzel Shadow is a bi-product of light and dark, making it a prominent theme in the Tanakh. Most often it is used to describe YHWH’s protection. Shade protects us from heat and shadow hides us from danger.… Continue reading Tsel: SHADOW of Death; Life in the Shade

Shemesh: Shining like the SUN

Sun: shemesh (masculine noun) (Strong's 8121 & 8122) Root: שֶׁמֶשׁ Sounds like: shuh-mesh November is usually a month with many grey, overcast, days, so when the sun does come out it feels all that more warm and glorious. One hundred years ago, to the day, the signing of the Armistice Agreement put an end to WWI.… Continue reading Shemesh: Shining like the SUN

Magen: the SHIELD of your Salvation

SHIELD: magen (masculine noun). (Strong’s 4043) Original word: מָגֵן Sounds like: maw-ghen This afternoon I joined with others, in Charlottetown PEI, to pay our respects to the victims of the senseless attack at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, USA. It is just one strike in a very very VERY long line of anti-semitic attacks… Continue reading Magen: the SHIELD of your Salvation