Revisiting STARS: Kokavim

I love looking at the stars. My Dad had a telescope when I was a child and I was fascinated by the heavens… all those little shining lights had a story and I wanted to know all of them. There's something very beautiful about a clear night sky. It's like ancient light whispering to us… Continue reading Revisiting STARS: Kokavim

Q’tseh ha-arets/Afsey arets: the ENDS of the EARTH

The ENDS of the EARTH: Q'tseh ha-arets & Af’se arets Occasionally we look at a phrase instead of a word. Today is one of those days. The ends of the earth was a common phrase that wove its way through the Bible, from Old to New Testament. In fact, it was a key element to the… Continue reading Q’tseh ha-arets/Afsey arets: the ENDS of the EARTH

Revisiting BETHLEHEM: O Little Town

Many people, at this time of year, rightly associate Bethlehem with the birth of baby Yeshua (Jesus). Although this was an epic event, the story of Bethlehem goes much further back in time. A few years ago we looked at the Biblical footprint of the Hebrew word Bethlehem (which literally means House (bet) of Bread… Continue reading Revisiting BETHLEHEM: O Little Town

Miqqedem: FROM OLD, From Long Ago

FROM BEFORE/FROM OLD/FROM LONG AGO/OF THE EAST: qedem /miqqedem (Strong’s 6924, 6925, 6927). Root: מקדם / קדם Sounds like: k-dem / mee-k'dem Many in the world celebrate the birth of the Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus) in the month of December. For many Christians this is the second week in Advent, the week of Peace, and the… Continue reading Miqqedem: FROM OLD, From Long Ago