Etzem: BONE of my Bones

Bones: etzem (feminine noun). (Strong's 6106) Root: עֶצֶם Sounds like: eh-tsem Somewhere, down the line, a translation error shaped the course of one of our most popular idioms… “flesh and blood”. This phrase has been used, throughout the centuries to describe our family connections. We talk about our darling children, our own flesh and blood. We… Continue reading Etzem: BONE of my Bones

Yareh: only One thing to FEAR

Fear yareh (Strong’s 3372 (verb), 3373 (adjective), 3374 (noun)) Root: יָרֵא Verb (to fear): yareh. Noun (a fear): yirah Sounds like: yare’eh or yeer’ah. Do not fear is al ti’yra (Sounds like al tee’yirah) Fearing God Throughout the Bible we read the words, Fear the LORD. What exactly does this mean? Are we to be scared… Continue reading Yareh: only One thing to FEAR

Sefer: The greatest BOOK ever written

BOOK: sefer (Strong’s 5612). Root: ספר Sounds like seyfehr Tomorrow (October 15th) marks the one year blogiversary of Hebrew Word Lessons! It’s been a great year, pouring over Hebrew words, diving deeply into Scripture, praying for understanding, and being amazed at what YHWH has done (especially helping me pull it all off in time for… Continue reading Sefer: The greatest BOOK ever written

Todah: Abounding with THANKSGIVING

Todah: Thanksgiving (Strong’s 8426) Todah in Hebrew script: תּוֹדָה Sounds like: toe-dah This weekend Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving. Many gather in their homes, have a big turkey dinner, and share around the table what they're thankful for. But here's how a certain television character described Thanksgiving: "To commemorate a past event you eat and kill an animal.… Continue reading Todah: Abounding with THANKSGIVING