M’qohr: The FOUNTAIN of Life

FOUNTAIN: m’qohr. Noun masculine. (Strong’s 4726). Original Word: מָקוֹר Sounds like: m’kohr I grew up in Tiverton, Ontario, Canada, along the shores of Lake Huron. I was a beach bum from the earliest days of my existence. We lived about 4 kms from the Lake but as much as I tried, I couldn’t convince my… Continue reading M’qohr: The FOUNTAIN of Life

Panim/Paneh: Seek My FACE

FACE/PRESENCE: paneh/panim. Noun Masculine. (Strong’s 6440).  Root: פָנָה Sounds like: p’neh/paneem Paneh/Panim/Face marks the 150th word of HebrewWordLessons.com… and I chose the word because it has such a profound meaning in the Gospel (Good News) story and yet, so many people do not recognize anything significant about the word. If you asked someone to list… Continue reading Panim/Paneh: Seek My FACE

Nes: BANNER of Victory and Love

BANNER/STANDARD/SIGNAL: Nes. Masculine noun. (Strong’s 5251); Nasas. Verb. (Strong’s 5264); and Degel. Masculine noun. (Strong’s 1714). Nes: נֵס Nasas: נָסַס Degel: דֶּגֶל Sounds like: ness/nawsas/dehghel There are many names in the Tanakh for YHWH. He is El Roi- The God who sees me (Genesis 16:11-14); El Shaddai- The God Almighty (Genesis 17:1-2, Genesis 48:3:, Genesis… Continue reading Nes: BANNER of Victory and Love


PESTILENCE/PLAGUE: dever. Noun masculine. (Strong’s 1698) Root: דֶּבֶר Sounds like: devehr It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 5 months since the world announced that it was under a global pandemic. The whole planet, it seemed, came to a grinding halt as we watched the rising number of infections and deaths. With the pandemic announcement… Continue reading Dever: PESTILENCE/PLAGUE

Khen: Amazing GRACE

GRACE/FAVOUR: khen. Noun masculine. (Strong’s 2580). Root: חֵן Sounds like: khayn Grace and favoured feel like very different words in English, but the Hebrew word khen captures both meanings. Grace is a gift, and to be favoured means we are gifted.  We named our oldest child Grace Anwen… and she is an incredible gift in… Continue reading Khen: Amazing GRACE