Amats: Revisiting COURAGE

Revisiting Courage: AMATS (Strong’s 553) It is wonderful to be able to study Hebrew words and get a greater understanding about the message behind the text. When you look at the Hebrew, in depth, it often gives a fuller picture than our modern English translations can give us. Understanding Hebrew really gives us a fuller… Continue reading Amats: Revisiting COURAGE

Khalav: MILK, a tall glass of comfort!

MILK: khalav (Strong’s 2461) Root: חלב Sounds like: khah-lahv Milk... it's the first source of nutrition we all started with. Before pablum, mushy peas and blueberries from a blender, we had milk. And that's how it's been throughout all of human history. Milk, cheese, curds, butter The first time we come across the word milk… Continue reading Khalav: MILK, a tall glass of comfort!

Kilyoht: KIDNEY/Mind

KIDNEY/MIND: kilyah (singular), kilyoht (plural) (Strong’s 3629).  Hebrew text for kilyoht: כליות Sounds like: kil-yaw and kil-yowt When you look at a Hebrew word like kilyoht it forces you to recognize that the Bible is written in an historical and cultural context. The Bible is not a modern scientific document, and any attempt to read… Continue reading Kilyoht: KIDNEY/Mind


RISE UP: Qum (Strong’s 6965). Root: קום Sounds like: koom The action to rise is all over the Bible. People rose up, got up from their seats, stood, and moved from where they were. This was probably the most generic use of the Hebrew word qum… to get up and go. But the call to… Continue reading Qum: RISE UP!