Acharit: The END, as we know it.

END/FUTURE: acharit. Feminine noun. (Strong's 319). Root: אַחֲרִית Sounds like: akh’areet Welcome to the end of 2019 and our last blog posting of the year. We started the year off with the word “Beginning”, so I thought it would be fitting to end if off with “The End”. It is not, however, the end of… Continue reading Acharit: The END, as we know it.

Shemen: OIL of Joy

OIL: shemen. Masculine noun. (Strong's 8081). Root: שֶׁמֶן Sounds like: sheh-men In case you’re not aware, Chanukkah begins at sundown tonight (December 22nd, 2019). Chanukkah means “dedication” in Hebrew. We covered the word dedication a few years ago, and you can read about it here. What many people don’t realize is that Yeshua (Jesus) celebrated… Continue reading Shemen: OIL of Joy

Barak: Be a BLESSING

Blessing: barak. Verb. (Strong's 1288, 1289, 1293) Root: בָרַךְ Sounds like: ba'rahk The word blessing seems to be one of those religious catch-words that people throw into conversation, without really thinking about its meaning. According to the Oxford dictionary, “to bless” is to confer or invoke divine favour… or, it is asking God to look… Continue reading Barak: Be a BLESSING

Ra’ah: The LORD is my SHEPHERD

Shepherd-pasturing: Ra’ah. Verb. (Strong's 7462). Root: רָעָה Sounds like: rah-ah This time of year many people like to recall the story of gentle shepherds staying out in the fields and keeping watch over their flock by night. We think of the great angel, backed up by a heavenly choir, sharing good news to a few… Continue reading Ra’ah: The LORD is my SHEPHERD

Owt: I Saw the SIGN

SIGN: owt. Feminine Noun. (Strong’s 226). Root: אוֹת Sounds like: oht/oat When I was in my early twenties, one of the biggest hits of the day was a song called “The Sign” by the Swedish Europop band Ace of Base. That song went to number 1 across Europe and throughout the world, including Canada, US,… Continue reading Owt: I Saw the SIGN