Seh: Behold the LAMB…

Lamb: seh (Strong’s 7716) Flock: tson (Strong's 6629) Root: שֶׂה (shin, hey) [Sounds like: say] & צֹאן (zayin, aleph, nun) [Sounds like tsone] Sometimes when choosing the word of the week I think, well this one shouldn’t be too complicated. It’s a simple word. That’s what I thought about the word LAMB… But there are at… Continue reading Seh: Behold the LAMB…

Shani: Tracing the SCARLET thread

Scarlet: shani (Strong’s 8144) Root: שָׁנִי (shin, nun, yod) Sounds like: shaw’Nee There are many words that we associate strongly with the Judeo-Christian beliefs: love, hope, faith redemption, wisdom. Not many people think to associate the word shani (scarlet) with their faith, but it really does have an interesting footprint in the Bible.  The decadent… Continue reading Shani: Tracing the SCARLET thread

Kevod: Unveiling the King of GLORY (Melek ha-kevod).

Glory: kevod (Strong’s 3519, 3519a, 3519b) Root: כָּבַד (kaf, bet, dalet). [Sounds like k'vohd] The root word for glory actually comes out of the word honour (kavad). It also carries with it the idea of weight and heaviness. It means that glory is almost palpable… you feel the heaviness of it. Isaiah’s vision of the… Continue reading Kevod: Unveiling the King of GLORY (Melek ha-kevod).

HOLY: Kadosh! Kadosh! Kadosh!

Holy: kadosh, kodesh (Strong’s 6918, 6944) Root: קֹ֫דֶשׁ (qof, dalet, shin) [sounds like k’desh/k'dosh] The root word kodesh actually means “to consecrate”. So the word Holy means consecrated, dedicated, set apart… Holy in Triplicate Perhaps the most famous passage regarding the Hebrew word Holy is found in the writings of the prophet Isaiah. He had… Continue reading HOLY: Kadosh! Kadosh! Kadosh!