Nogah, Nahar: RADIANCE & Sun-STREAMS

Brightness/Radiance: Nogah, feminine noun (Strong’s 5051) & To Stream/Radiate Light: Nahar, verb (Strong’s 5102). Root: נגה (nogah) & נהר (nahar) Sounds like: Noe-gaw and Na-hawr The theme of Light recurs throughout the entire Bible. It may be the most prevalent recurrent theme, which explains why so many words support the theme, from sun, moon and… Continue reading Nogah, Nahar: RADIANCE & Sun-STREAMS

Lekhi: Turn the other JAW/CHEEK

JAWBONE/CHEEK: Lekhi… (Strong’s 3895) Root: לחי Sounds like: l'khee The word lekhi is usually translated as either jaw or cheek. It generally refers to the area on the face that is visible as the cheek, supported by the jawbone. The name of that area in Hebrew had one designation: lekhi. Lekhi showed up in the erotic… Continue reading Lekhi: Turn the other JAW/CHEEK

Revisiting SHEMESH: The Timeless & Enduring SUN

I live on an Island. Sun, sand and surf make up a good chunk of Prince Edward Island’s identity. The land (sand), the water (surf) and the sky (sun) usually work nicely together, but whereas the sand and surf are always visible, the sun sometimes hides behind the clouds. The sun (or lack of it)… Continue reading Revisiting SHEMESH: The Timeless & Enduring SUN

Tsum/Tsom: FASTING on Tisha B’Av

To FAST: Tsum. Verb (Strong’s 6684); A FAST: Tsom. Masculine Noun (Strong’s 6685).  Root: צום Sounds like: tzoom & tzohm Today is Tisha B’Av… the saddest day of the Jewish calendar. Why is it the saddest day? Because many of the most tragic Jewish events occurred on this one singular day in the Jewish calendar,… Continue reading Tsum/Tsom: FASTING on Tisha B’Av