Mishpachah: FAMILY by Choice

Mishpachah: Family, clan (Strong’s 4940) Mishpachah in Hebrew script: מִשְׁפָּחָה Sounds like: mish’pa’kha What is family? The idea of clan or family is prevalent in the Tanakh. It is a group bound together with some commonality… and it is a group that is designed to give to YHWH honour and glory, offering and respect. Psalm 96:5-9… Continue reading Mishpachah: FAMILY by Choice

Sukkot: A Simple SHELTER of Love and Protection

Booths, sheltering structures: sukkah, feminine singular noun; sukkot, feminine plural noun (Strong's 5521); sohk, masculine noun, (Strong's 5520). Root: סכה Sounds like: su'Cote, su'Caw, sohk Tonight at sundown begins the first day of the appointed time of Sukkot, often described as the Feast of Tabernacles or Festival of Booths. But sukkot means more than a… Continue reading Sukkot: A Simple SHELTER of Love and Protection

Moed: The Creator’s APPOINTED TIMES

Moed: appointed times, meeting, feast, festival (Strong’s 4150) Root: מוֹעֵד Sounds like: mow’ed This word moed has often been translated as festival or feast, which is not quite accurate. Although the term feast (of unleavened bread, for example) reflects the moed, truth be told there is another word entirely for feast or festival. That word… Continue reading Moed: The Creator’s APPOINTED TIMES

Berit: A COVENANT plan fulfilled

Covenant: berit (Strong’s 1285) Root: בְּרִית Sounds like: b’reet In the beginning humanity made some stupid choices. And God in His great love wanted to rescue us. Throughout the Scriptures YHWH made covenant promises with His people. He made these covenants to save us, and He promised never to forget them. His word is as… Continue reading Berit: A COVENANT plan fulfilled

Olam: FOREVER and ever… Amen!

Forever: olam (Strong’s 5769) Root: עוֹלָם Sounds like: o-LAM How do you define forever… continually eternal… always everlasting… Hebrew has two main words that capture this concept of forever, ad/ed and olam. In fact, you often see these words together. Forever and ever is olam wa’ed. Today we will look specifically at how and when… Continue reading Olam: FOREVER and ever… Amen!