Katav: The WRITE Stuff

WRITE: katav, verb (3789); WRITING: ketav, masculine noun (3791). Root: כתב Sounds like: kah'tahv When I was in grade 7 I told my teacher that I was going to be a writer of novels. That did not happen. I did co-author the history of a local PEI town (Opening Doors to the Past: the Life… Continue reading Katav: The WRITE Stuff

Arum: CRAFTY is not a Bad Word

CRAFTY, SHREWD, SENSIBLE, PRUDENT, CUNNING: Arum. adjective. (Strong's 6175); Arom. verb. (Strong's 6191); Orem. Masculine noun. (Strong's 6193). Root: ערם Sounds like: a’rum, a’rohm, ohrem Everyone knows the story: Eve and Adam were tricked by a snake to eat the forbidden fruit… and they were tricked because the snake was ‘crafty’. But what exactly does… Continue reading Arum: CRAFTY is not a Bad Word

Akal: EAT at My Table

EAT: akal (verb). Strong’s 398. Root: אכל Sounds like: ah-kahl This weekend we Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving… and around the world Jews and Messianic followers of Yeshua are celebrating Sukkot. Both feasts should be a reminder of God dwelling among us and how thankful we should be for that blessing. Thanksgiving and Sukkot is a time when… Continue reading Akal: EAT at My Table

Yasad: The Firm FOUNDATION

FOUNDATION- Yasad. Verb. (Strong’s 3245); Yesud. Masculine Noun. (Strong’s 3246); Yesod. Feminine Noun. (Strong’s 3247); Moh'sadah (from the root of yasad). Feminine Noun. (Strong's 4146). Root: יסד Sounds like: yaw'sawd The Biblical authors were big fans of metaphors, analogies, wordplay and a vast array of literary genres. They used word pictures- some we understand from… Continue reading Yasad: The Firm FOUNDATION