Hosanna: Please SAVE us!

SAVE! HOSANNA!- yasha. Verb. (Strong’s 3467) Root: יָשַׁע (yasha), הוֹשַׁ֣ע  (ho'sha) Sounds like: ho’shiah (save!)… ho’wo’shieni (save me!)... h'woshienu (save us!)  Today is traditionally known as Palm Sunday. It is a memorial celebration honouring Yeshua’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem at the beginning of His final Passover week. Many of us remember waving paper palm branches in Sunday… Continue reading Hosanna: Please SAVE us!

Asham: I find no GUILT in Him

GUILT: asham (Strong’s 817, 816-819). Root: אָשָׁם Sounds like: aw-shawm People don't tend to like the word guilt, but it does pepper our language a fair bit: guilt trip, guilty pleasure, guilty conscience, guilt by association, innocent until proven guilty… Problem is, we make guilt a very “ME” centred word. It’s something that makes us feel bad. It's… Continue reading Asham: I find no GUILT in Him