Emet: the TRUTH of who you are

Truth: Emet (Strong's 571) Root: אֱמֶ֑ת (aleph, mem, tav). [Sounds like e'MET] Heart Truth Truth is what you know in your heart to be right and good… and so the best source for truth is God- who is all good, all knowing, and all loving. Deep down, when you are being honest with yourself, your truth and… Continue reading Emet: the TRUTH of who you are

Aryeh: the LION of Judah

Lion (generic)- aryeh (Strong’s 743b, 744), Lioness- k’lavi (Strong’s 3833b), Lion- shakh-al (Stong’s 7826), Young Lion- kephir (Strong’s 3715), Cub or whelp of a lion- gur aryeh (Strong’s 1482). Aryeh: אַרְיֵה (aleph, resh, yod, hey). [Sounds like: ar-YAY]. The lions in the Bible were Asiatic lions, not the more commonly identified African lions. There’s not much difference between the two, although… Continue reading Aryeh: the LION of Judah

Helper: defining the EZER woman

Helper: Ezer (Strong’s 5828)... comes from root azer, to help (Strong’s 5826) Root: עֵ֫זֶר  (ayin, zayin, resh). [Sounds like: etz-air] This is one of the most misunderstood words in the Bible, but really it’s quite simple: Genesis 2:18 Then YHWH God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make… Continue reading Helper: defining the EZER woman

Wisdom: Where can CHOKMAH be found?

Wisdom: chokmah- (Strong’s 2451) Root: חָכְמָה (chet, kaf, mem, hey). [Sounds like hawk-MA. The first syllable is the gutteral letter chet which is spoken like the ch in Bach]. Where can wisdom be found? Job, considered by many to be the oldest book in the Bible, asks this question: Job 28:12-15, 20-28 But where can wisdom be… Continue reading Wisdom: Where can CHOKMAH be found?