Salakh: FORGIVE and Forget

FORGIVE/PARDON- salakh. verb. (Strong’s 5545); sallakh. adjective. (Strong’s 5546); selikhah. Feminine noun. (Strong’s 5547). Root: סָלַח Sounds like: sa’lakh I’m Canadian and we tend to say “sorry” a lot. We don’t want to be offensive, or hurt anyone’s feelings, or look like we're acting entitled. We just want everyone to get along and so as… Continue reading Salakh: FORGIVE and Forget

T’ruah: Give a Joyful SHOUT

SHOUT- Teruah. feminine Noun. (8643); Rua. verb. (7321). Root: רוּעַ Sounds like: t-roo'ah and roo'ah This week is the celebration of Rosh Hashanah (head of the year) in the Jewish rabbinic calendar. It is essentially a New Year celebration but it takes place in the seventh month of the Biblical calendar. Although the phrase rosh… Continue reading T’ruah: Give a Joyful SHOUT

Limmud: Being a DISCIPLE.

DISCIPLE/TAUGHT ONE: limmud. adjective. (Strong’s 3928). To LEARN: lamad. verb. (Strong’s 3925). Root: למד Sounds like: lee-mood, lah-mawd This week was back to school on Prince Edward Island after a 6 month covid-related break. My daughters are now both in High School: Bridget is in her first year, and Grace in her last. They are… Continue reading Limmud: Being a DISCIPLE.

Min’khah: an OFFERING of Love

OFFERING/GIFT/PRESENT/TRIBUTE: min’khah. Feminine noun. (Strong’s 4503).  Original word: מִנְחָה Sounds like: meen'khah A Multitude of Offerings As humans we like to give gifts and receive gifts. It gives us joy! So it seems only right to give gifts to our God because we love Him and we want to show it. King David certainly felt… Continue reading Min’khah: an OFFERING of Love