Shofar: Sound the TRUMPET

TRUMPET: shofar (7782).  Root: שׁוֹפָר Sounds like: sho-far Tonight (29 Sep 2019), starting at sunset, the Jewish people celebrate Rosh Hashanah, (Rosh meaning head and Ha-Shanah meaning the year). Actually Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is not so much a Biblical holiday but rather a civil holiday which was formed out of the Biblical… Continue reading Shofar: Sound the TRUMPET

Naphal: We all FALL down

Naphal: To Fall. Verb. (Strong's 5307). Root: נָפַל Sounds like: nah'fahl The wonderful thing about studying a text in its original language is that you get to see some things that others miss in translation. For example, the story of Rebekah riding on a camel, on her way to meet her betrothed whom she has never… Continue reading Naphal: We all FALL down

Yarah: Ready, Aim, TEACH

To TEACH: yarah. Verb. (Strong’s 3384). Root: יָרָה Sounds like: yah-rah It’s back to school season and my girls are already in the swing of things, starting their grade 11 and grade 9 years. I work at a University library, which is now buzzing with the excitement of a new school term. The first week… Continue reading Yarah: Ready, Aim, TEACH

Gadol: The GREAT Plot Twist

GREAT/AWESOME!: Gadol, Adjective. (Strong's 1419). Gadal, Verb. (Strong's 1431).  Root: גָּדַל Sounds like: ga’dohl (adjective) and ga'dahl (verb) Well, we’ve hit a milestone. Gadol will be the 100th Hebrew word that I’ve attempted to unravel… that’s 100 Sundays of posting! I have 116 wonderfully devoted and kind-hearted people who have graciously allowed me to bombard their… Continue reading Gadol: The GREAT Plot Twist

Gan: The GARDEN and the Gardener

GARDEN: gan (masculine noun). gannah (feminine noun).  (Strong’s 1588, 1593, 1594).  Root: גַּנָּה / גַּן  Sounds like: gahn/gah'nah I'm not a very good gardener. Unlike my parents I was not blessed with a green thumb (apparently that skips a generation), but I try my best. I have some lovely poppies (my favourite), a few fruit and nut… Continue reading Gan: The GARDEN and the Gardener