Matowq: Revisiting SWEETness

It’s starting to feel summery here in Prince Edward Island… and with summer comes one of my favourite things: ice cream! I suffer from Reactive Hypoglycemia so sugar isn’t really my friend, but I do try to make a little room for it!  This coming Saturday is the festival of Shavuot when Jews celebrate the… Continue reading Matowq: Revisiting SWEETness

Yaqush, Mowqesh, Pakh: It’s a Trap!

Trap/Trapped: There are three primary (masculine) nouns that describe a trap or a snare: pakh (Strong’s 6341); mowqesh (Strong’s 4170); and yaqush Strong’s 3353). The verb to be trapped is yaqosh (Strong’s 3369). Anytime the word trap was remotely mentioned in our household, my husband used to mimic General Ackbar from Star Wars perfectly: “It’s a Trap!” In… Continue reading Yaqush, Mowqesh, Pakh: It’s a Trap!

Shoresh: The ROOT of the Story

ROOT: shoresh, masculine noun (Strong's 8328); sharash, verb (Strong's 8327). It’s planting season here on our tiny Island (Prince Edward Island), in Eastern Canada. PEI is known for its potatoes grown in the iron-rich red dirt. We may be the smallest province, but PEI is the largest potato-producing province in all of Canada. The Bible… Continue reading Shoresh: The ROOT of the Story

Addir: How MAJESTIC is Your Name

MAJESTIC: addir, adjective (Strong’s 117); adar, verb (Strong’s 142); eder, noun (Strong’s 145) Root: אדר Sounds like: adeer, a-dahr, eh-dehr YHWH, Our Majesty When we think of Majesty, today, often a figure of royalty comes to mind. In Canada we refer to our Queen as Her Majesty. In the Bible YHWH was, of course, described… Continue reading Addir: How MAJESTIC is Your Name

Anan/Av: The Presence of a CLOUD

CLOUD: Anan (Strong’s 6051) and Av (Strong's 5645) Root: Anan- ענן -sounds like ah'nahn Root: Av- עב -sounds like ahv Clouds are part of our everyday experience. We see them all the time, but we don't often take the time to appreciate them. And we should appreciate them! They bring shade, they bring rain, and… Continue reading Anan/Av: The Presence of a CLOUD