Selah: The Unknown Musical Word

SELAH: Verb (Strong’s 5542) Root: סֶלָה Sounds like: say-lah There’s a new little human on this planet, born on July 9th, and her name is Selah Grace. In these days of uncertainty and fear, her birth has brought immeasurable joy to her parents, family and friends. Selah’s birth is a reminder that YHWH is gracious… Continue reading Selah: The Unknown Musical Word

Arom/Erom/Ervah: NAKED and Exposed

NAKED: arom.  Adjective (Strong's 6174); Adjective/Masculine Noun Abstract (Strong's 5903); Feminine Noun (Strong's 6172). Arom: עָרוֹם Erom: עֵירֹם Ervah: עֶרְוָה Sounds like: ahrohm/ehrohm/air'vah Let us begin by saying… naked is not a dirty word. We all came into this world without a stitch of clothing. Nakedness is, in essence, our natural state. In shame we covered… Continue reading Arom/Erom/Ervah: NAKED and Exposed

Tehohm: A Dive into the DEEP

DEEP/DEPTHS/ABYSS: tehohm. Noun. (Strong's 8415). Root: תהום / תהו Sounds like: t’home The Deep, in the Beginning Genesis 1:1-3 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and void [tohu], and darkness was over the surface of the deep [t’hohm], and the Spirit of God was moving over the… Continue reading Tehohm: A Dive into the DEEP

Asher: The Pursuit of HAPPY

HAPPY (Blessed): asher/esher (Strong’s 833 & 835 & 837).  Root: אשר Sounds like: asher/esher/osher/ash’reh It could be said that the pursuit of happiness is the great obsessions of humanity. If you look up happiness quotes on the internet you are bombarded with pages and pages and pages of words. There are positive words about happiness:… Continue reading Asher: The Pursuit of HAPPY