Khaneph: The Polluted Planet

POLLUTED/POLLUTION: khaneph. Strong’s 2610 (verb: to be polluted), 2611 (adjective: godless, profane), 2612 (noun masculine: pollution, ungodliness), 2613 (noun feminine: pollution).  Root: חָנֵף Sounds like: kaw-nef Tomorrow is the Canadian Federal election, and one of the top voter issues has been the environment and Canada’s role in climate change. We tend to see this as… Continue reading Khaneph: The Polluted Planet

Shakan: The DWELLing Place

Shakan: to dwell (Strong’s 7931, 7932 (verbs), 7933 (noun)) Root: שָׁכַן Sounds like: shaw-kahn This week begins the Fall Feast of Sukkot. I wrote about the meaning of the word sukkot last year. To review, it is a temporary shelter made as a remembrance of the time when the Jewish people wandered through the desert without a permanent home.… Continue reading Shakan: The DWELLing Place

Kippur: ATONEMENT, Breaking the Barrier

Kippur: Atonement (3722, 2724 (ransom), 3725) Root: כִּפֻּר Sounds like: kaphar, kopher, kippur Yom Kippur (Yom=Day, Kippur=Atonement) begins Tuesday at sundown. It is the most solemn date on the Jewish calendar... a day of fasting and prayer and great confession, when the sins of the people are laid out before God. According to Jewish tradition,… Continue reading Kippur: ATONEMENT, Breaking the Barrier