Revisiting Hanukkah: DEDICATION

Tonight at sunset marks the beginning of Hanukkah/Chanukkah for this year. It's a festival of remembrance, with sparkling lights and greasy sweet food! So grab yourself a jelly donut and let's dive into the Hebrew and Aramaic word Hanukkah, which means dedication. Hanukkah, in the Tanakh (Old Testament), was the dedication of sacred space. For years… Continue reading Revisiting Hanukkah: DEDICATION

Shemen, Khelev, Bari: On the FAT Track

FAT: shaman (Strong's 8080); khelev (Strong’s 2459); bari (Strong's 1277) Root: בריא / חלב / שמן Sounds like: shah'man; kheh'lev; ba'ree Fat is a complicated word. It is necessary for human existence, and yet it appears to be steeped in negative connotations. Fat discrimination has been an issue for decades, but historically being fat was… Continue reading Shemen, Khelev, Bari: On the FAT Track

Palat: DELIVERANCE, Escape, Rescue

DELIVERANCE/ESCAPE/RESCUE: palat/falat (6403, 6405, 6412, 6413). Root: פלט Sounds like: pah'laht/ fah'laht If we break down the Bible to its simplest elements, it’s all about a great rescue... a deliverance from evil and death. There was a constant call for rescue from the wicked of the earth: Psalm 82:4 Rescue [fal’tu] the weak and needy;… Continue reading Palat: DELIVERANCE, Escape, Rescue

Dimah: Revisiting TEARS

It seems strange to say "revisiting tears"... Since September 10th, tears have never really left me. Kevin's passing was sudden and unexpected, and tears remain to be my daily visitors. It is true though... relief often comes after a good cry. Personally, I feel a sense of calm after the tears have flowed freely. A… Continue reading Dimah: Revisiting TEARS