Yad: With a Mighty HAND…

Hand: yad (Strong’s 3027) Root: יָד Sounds like: yawd We use our hands for everything. They are the most useful tools on our body. We can touch, hold, write, open jars, prepare food, and create art. The hands of YHWH play a significant role in the Tenakh (Old Testament). God shows Jeremiah that we are… Continue reading Yad: With a Mighty HAND…

Tsits: Life, like a FLOWER

Flower: tsits (Strong’s 6731) Root: צִיץ Sounds like: tseets Flowers show up all throughout the Bible. Roses (Song of Solomon 2:1), lilies (1 Kings 7:19,22), myrtle (Isaiah 55:12-13), lily of the valley (Song of Solomon 2:1), hyssop (Leviticus 14:51-52), and all manner of fruit trees, apples, almonds, pomegranates, just to name a few. One of the first… Continue reading Tsits: Life, like a FLOWER

Tsur: ROCK in the Tenakh

Rock: tsur (Strong’s 6697) Root: צוּר Sounds like: tsoor Earlier this month I had the great pleasure of hanging out with my best friend and our families at Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick… a collection of stunning, gravity defying, rock formations.  It certainly helped put in perspective the reason why so many people in the Bible… Continue reading Tsur: ROCK in the Tenakh

Chol: Like SAND on the Seashore

Sand: Chol (Strong's 2344) Root: חוֹל  Sounds like: khol One of the best things about living on an Island is the stunning beaches. Prince Edward Island is known for its red tinted sand and pristine waters. My daughters and I especially love going to the beach! We pack snacks and books, big blankets and sunglasses, and… Continue reading Chol: Like SAND on the Seashore