Matowq: SWEET- Eat this Word

Sweet: matowq (Strong’s 4966). See also (4986) and (4985). Root: מָתַק Sounds like: ma-towq. One of our favourite things about a Prince Edward Island summer, besides the beaches, is ice cream. PEI is known for great food… and ice cream is no exception. If you ever have the chance to visit our red sanded Isle you must check… Continue reading Matowq: SWEET- Eat this Word

Nakham: COMFORT on Tisha B’Av

COMFORT: nakham (Strong’s 5162) Root: נָחַם  Sounds like: na-kham Today is a solemn day for the Jewish people. It is a day of remembrance, a day to recall the destruction of the Temple. Today is the 9th day of the Jewish month Av, known as T'isha B'Av (literally 9th of Av). It's the day the… Continue reading Nakham: COMFORT on Tisha B’Av

Dimah: Each TEAR drop is counted

Tears- dimah דִּמְעָה (Strong’s 1832) Root: דִּמְעָ Sounds like: dee-mah What are tears? Little droplets of water that come from the eyes and make a path down your face. That is the Hebrew pictographic (word picture) explanation for the word dimah (tears). The root of the word is made up of three letters: dalet (usually… Continue reading Dimah: Each TEAR drop is counted

Mashiach: Our ANOINTED Messiah

Anointed: mashiach (Strong’s 4899) Root: מָשִׁ֫יחַ or מָשַׁח (Strong’s 4886) Sounds like: m’shee-awk Messiah is a word quite familiar to followers of the Christian and Messianic faiths. We tend to reserve it as an official title for Jesus… however, Jesus wasn’t the only one in the Bible described as messiah. The word messiah, or mashiach… Continue reading Mashiach: Our ANOINTED Messiah

Moshel: An Everlasting DOMINION

DOMINION: Moshel, masculine noun, (Strong’s 4915); Mashal, verb (Strong's 4910); Mimshal, masculine noun (Strong's 4474); Memshalah, feminine noun (Strong's 4475). Root: משל Sounds like: moh'SHEL, ma'SHAL, meem'SHAL, mem'shaLAH Today (July 1st) Canadians everywhere celebrate the land of Canada. Most call this Canada Day, but originally it was called Dominion Day.  Still today my Dad will… Continue reading Moshel: An Everlasting DOMINION