Khemah: The Cup of WRATH

WRATH: khemah, feminine noun (Strong’s 2534).  Root: חֵמָה Sounds like: khay'maw As we learned last week, in the Hebrew Bible there are numerous Hebrew words that represent anger. Besides  khemah there is also kharah (Strong’s 2734, 2740), anaph (Strong’s 599), za’am/za’aph (Strong’s 2195, 2196, 2197, 2198), ka’as (Strong’s 3707, 3708), ehv’rah (Strong’s 5678), qetseph (Strong’s 7110) to name… Continue reading Khemah: The Cup of WRATH

Kharah Af: Hot-Nosed ANGER

BURNED/KINDLED WITH ANGER: kharah (Strong’s 2734, 2740), usually paired with aph/app (nose) (Strong’s 639).  Root: חָרָה Sounds like: khaw-raw' There are numerous Hebrew words that indicate anger, just like there are many English words that indicate anger, such as indignation, wrath, rage, fury, being upset, maddness, provocation, vexation. We’d like one tidy word to cover… Continue reading Kharah Af: Hot-Nosed ANGER

Putting the Words Together: Psalm 68:19

I thought this week we’d take a look at one sentence in the Bible where we’ve learned most of the words.  Psalm 68:19  “Blessed be the Lord, who carries us day after day, the God of our Salvation. Selah”.  Many of us carry heavy burdens, but God promises to carry us. He wants to lift… Continue reading Putting the Words Together: Psalm 68:19

Pesakh: The PASSOVER

To Pass Over: pasakh, verb (Strong’s 6452); “the Passover”: pesakh, masculine noun (Strong’s 6453). Root: פסח Sounds like: pa-sawk/ pey-sawk The First Passover Passover is the first feast of the Jewish liturgical year. It's a strange combination of solemnity and joy. It remembers a great loss (the firstborn of an entire enemy nation) and a… Continue reading Pesakh: The PASSOVER

Yatar/Sha’ar: The Left-over REMNANT

REMNANT/REMAINDER/THE LEFT-OVERS: To be left: yatar/watar, verb (Strong’s 3498); shaar, verb (Strong’s 7604); sh’ar, masculine noun (Strong’s 7605);  sh'erit, feminine noun (Strong’s 7611). Root:  שאר & יותר Sounds like: ya'tahr/wa'tahr & sha'ahr Remnant is one of those Biblical words that gets mentioned a lot in our churches and synagogues, but we don't often stop to… Continue reading Yatar/Sha’ar: The Left-over REMNANT