Saba: A SATISFYing Life

Saba: to satisfy, to provide abundantly, to saturate. Verb (Strong’s 7646). Root: שבע Sounds like: sah'bah/sah'vah How's life? Are things okay? Are you satisfied?  These are questions that we often get asked. You may even ask yourself those things. Are you happy with the way things are in your life? Would you call yourself, "satisfied"?… Continue reading Saba: A SATISFYing Life

L’venah & Khomer: Building with BRICKS & MORTAR

Mortar, Clay, Cement: Khomer, masculine noun (Strong’s 2563); Bricks: L’venah, feminine noun (Strong’s 3843); Making bricks, white: Lavan, verb (Strong’s 3835).  Root: חמר (khomer) & לבן (lavan) Sounds like: khoe'meyr & la'vahn Yesterday I turned 50. That’s a milestone, they say (whoever “they” are). I’m excited for what the future holds. Yes, my body has… Continue reading L’venah & Khomer: Building with BRICKS & MORTAR

HaShem: Bearing the NAME

Name: shem, masculine noun (Strong’s 8034). Root: שם Sounds like: shem (rhymes with them) This is My Name Exodus 15:2-3 (Song of Moses) “YHWH is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation; this is my God, and I will praise Him; my father’s God, and I will exalt Him. YHWH is a… Continue reading HaShem: Bearing the NAME

Zahav: The Treasure of GOLD

Gold: zahav, masculine noun (Strong’s 2091). Root: זהב Sounds like: zaw-hawv Gold is a precious commodity and it has been treasured for centuries. In the list of items that denoted wealth in the Bible, gold was at the top. It had a significant footprint in the Hebrew Bible showing up over 380 times. The first… Continue reading Zahav: The Treasure of GOLD

Top 10 Hebrew Words of 2022

Happy New Year, Friends! A great thank you to all who have had a peek at this blog and who have shared it with others this year. I still maintain that I do this for my own benefit, but I’m happy that it has also blessed and helped others. It has been a tough year… Continue reading Top 10 Hebrew Words of 2022