Spirit/Breath: Is your “RUACH” activated?

Spirit/Breath/Wind: Ruach (Strong’s 7307) (resh, vav, chet) Root: ר֫וּחַ (resh, vav, chet) [Pronounced roo-akh. Rhymes with Bach.] The word ruach is translated in 3 different ways: breath, spirit and wind. Although sometimes it is clear that one word is the better translation, for the most part these words are interchangeable, starting with the very first time… Continue reading Spirit/Breath: Is your “RUACH” activated?

Chayim: LIFE- What is the point of you?

Life, alive, living: chayim (Strong’s 2416)  Root: חָי (chet, yod) [Pronounced khah'-ee] Forty-five years ago today I took my first breath on this planet. My mother’s womb was my first abode, the planet earth was my second… and so it is for every human. The Genesis account of human creation reads like this: Genesis 2:7… Continue reading Chayim: LIFE- What is the point of you?

Valour: How Biblical translation has failed the “CHAYIL” woman.

Valour/Valiant: Chayil (Strong’s 2428) Root: חָ֫יִל (chet, yod, lamed)  [Pronounced kai-EEL] Valour or valiant is one of the most prevalent words in the Old Testament and it has an complicated translation history. Here is what thefreedictionary.com says about valour: VALOUR - the qualities of a hero or heroine; exceptional or heroic courage when facing danger… Continue reading Valour: How Biblical translation has failed the “CHAYIL” woman.

Tikvah: be HOPE-filled not hopeless

Hope (expectation): Tikvah (Strong's 8615b) Root: תִּקְוָ֥ה (tav, qof, vav, hey) I recently completed the Canadian Mental Health First Aid course which included a very detailed session on depression. One of the key symptoms of depression is a feeling of hopelessness. Depression is not a modern phenomenon. The Tanakh is filled with individuals suffering from great despair,… Continue reading Tikvah: be HOPE-filled not hopeless