Shavuot: A Time of Seven (WEEKS)

WEEKS: Shavuot. Masculine Noun. (Strong's 7620). Root: שבע Sounds like: Sha-voo-owt Shavuot begins tonight at sundown. It is a Jewish/Messianic festival that commemorates the first fruits of the harvest and it is traditionally celebrated by eating cheesecake… among other dairy and sweet treats. I love cheesecake!... and any chance to celebrate with a slice sounds… Continue reading Shavuot: A Time of Seven (WEEKS)

Revisiting COMPASSION: Rakham

First, may I say: A very happy Mother's Day to all who have mothered anyone! Many of us, myself included, have reaped the benefits of a compassionate Mum. Although compassion is a strong quality in all good mothers, as many unfortunately know, not all mothers are good mothers. Isaiah 49:15 [YHWH:] “Can a woman forget… Continue reading Revisiting COMPASSION: Rakham

S’khaq/Ts’khaq: The Joy of LAUGHTER & PLAY

LAUGH/PLAY: Sakhaq- verb (Strong’s 7832) and sekhoq- Masculine noun  (Strong’s 7814); ts’khaq- Verb (Strong’s 3327); ts’khoq- Masculine Noun (Strong’s 6711). Root: צחק & שחק Sounds like: sa’khawk & tza’khawk (verb) and sa’khohk & tza’khohk (noun) Laughter and play are very important parts of our lives. Being joyful often comes with laughter and in these days,… Continue reading S’khaq/Ts’khaq: The Joy of LAUGHTER & PLAY