Yashar: Leading the UPRIGHT Home

UPRIGHT/RIGHT/STRAIGHT: yashar. (Strong's 3477 (adjective), yosher  3476 (masculine noun)). Root: יָשָׁר Sounds like: yaw-shawr. There are all sorts of titles attributed to God in the scriptures, but there is one that very few people think of... YHWH is our Yashar: Isaiah 26:4, 7b-9 “Trust in YHWH forever, for in Yah-YHWH, we have an everlasting Rock… … Continue reading Yashar: Leading the UPRIGHT Home

Shaddai: Defining the ALMIGHTY

ALMIGHTY: Shaddai. Masculine noun. (Strong’s 7706). Root: שַׁדַּי Sounds like: sha'dah-eye. I think it's fair to say that most of us have heard the term God Almighty, but we've never actually thought about what the word Almighty actually means. You may be surprised to find out that it is connected to the word shadad, a verb… Continue reading Shaddai: Defining the ALMIGHTY

Shama: HEAR the Word

TO HEAR/LISTEN: shama/shema. Verb feminine & Verb masculine. (Strong’s 8085). Root: שָׁמַע Sounds like: shaw-mah.  If you’ve been blessed with hearing, (and not all of us have), you've been blessed with a phenomenal gift that is often take for granted: having ears to hear. I’m frequently surprised at what I can hear. From two rooms… Continue reading Shama: HEAR the Word

Hineni: HERE I AM

HERE I AM/Behold: Hineni. (Strong’s 2009). Root: הִנֵּה Sounds like hee’neh, hee’neh’nee, heen’nee.  Hinneh often get’s translated as Behold. This is not a word we use today, very often, and so I think most people tend to gloss over it when they come across it in scripture. That's a shame, because a careful consideration of behold… Continue reading Hineni: HERE I AM

Samach: the Fullness of JOY

JOY/GLADNESS: samach. (verb: 8055, adjective: 8056, feminine noun 8057).  Root: שָׂמַח Sounds like: saw'mawkh (verb), saw'may'akh (adjective), sim'khah (noun) This week has not been the most joyful for our family. We lost a family friend. She went home to meet God, face to face. Shirley (Stuebing) Mandigo was the embodiment of joy on this planet.… Continue reading Samach: the Fullness of JOY

En Kheqer: Examining the UNEXPLAINABLE Creator

UNEXPLAINABLE/UNSEARCHABLE/UNFATHOMABLE/CANNOT EXAMINE: En kheqer. (Strong’s 2714). From verb khaqar (to examine/to search). (Strong’s 2713). Root: חֵקֶר Sounds like: (awn) kheh-ker Last week we looked at two words meaning to search. There is another word often translated as “search”, but perhaps more accurately means “to examine”. Kheqer is to examine or look at something in detail…… Continue reading En Kheqer: Examining the UNEXPLAINABLE Creator

Baqash/Darash: SEEK and you will Find

Seek: baqash. Seeking to find or take something (Strong’s 1245). Root: בָּקַשׁ Search: darash. Searching, investigating, inquiring, requiring (Strong’s 1875). Root: דָּרַשׁ Sounds like: ba’qawsh/va’qawsh & dah’rawsh There are two main Hebrew words for seeking or searching and they often are found in the same verse. Baqash/Vaqash is to seek, but it is seeking to… Continue reading Baqash/Darash: SEEK and you will Find

Acharit: The END, as we know it.

END/FUTURE: acharit. Feminine noun. (Strong's 319). Root: אַחֲרִית Sounds like: akh’areet Welcome to the end of 2019 and our last blog posting of the year. We started the year off with the word “Beginning”, so I thought it would be fitting to end if off with “The End”. It is not, however, the end of… Continue reading Acharit: The END, as we know it.

Shemen: OIL of Joy

OIL: shemen. Masculine noun. (Strong's 8081). Root: שֶׁמֶן Sounds like: sheh-men In case you’re not aware, Chanukkah begins at sundown tonight (December 22nd, 2019). Chanukkah means “dedication” in Hebrew. We covered the word dedication a few years ago, and you can read about it here. What many people don’t realize is that Yeshua (Jesus) celebrated… Continue reading Shemen: OIL of Joy

Barak: Be a BLESSING

Blessing: barak. Verb. (Strong's 1288, 1289, 1293) Root: בָרַךְ Sounds like: ba'rahk The word blessing seems to be one of those religious catch-words that people throw into conversation, without really thinking about its meaning. According to the Oxford dictionary, “to bless” is to confer or invoke divine favour… or, it is asking God to look… Continue reading Barak: Be a BLESSING