Boosh: SHAME (Not) on You!

SHAME: Boosh, Verb, (Strong’s 954); Bushah, Feminine Noun, (Strong's 955); Boshet, Feminine Noun, (Strong's 1322). Root: בוש Sounds like: boosh, boo'shaw, bow'shet This is the 200th post of HebrewWordLessons! For 200 consecutive Sundays in a row we’ve taken a deep dive into various Biblical words. Clearly, I love word studies, but word studies are only… Continue reading Boosh: SHAME (Not) on You!

Revisiting SEFER (Book)

I love books! I'm a library technician and I'm surrounded by books at work. My desk is piled high with books that need my attention... and that just makes me happy. To call the Bible a book doesn't give it justice, even though the word Bible comes from the Greek word for book (biblio). It's… Continue reading Revisiting SEFER (Book)

Yeriah, Paroket, Masak, Masveh: Tearing Down the CURTAIN/VEIL

CURTAIN/VEIL: Yeriah, tent curtains (Strong’s 3407); Paroket, curtain as divider (Strong’s 6532); Masak, entrance veil, hanging, screen, covering (Strong’s 4539); Masveh, wearing a veil (Strong’s 4533). In Hebrew: Yeriah, (ye'ree'ah) יריעה; Paroket, (faro'ket/paro'ket) פרכת; Masak, (ma'sahk) מסך; Masveh, (mas'vey) מסוה. I like curtains. They're decorative and they have a purpose: they keep the sun out and the nosey neighbours from… Continue reading Yeriah, Paroket, Masak, Masveh: Tearing Down the CURTAIN/VEIL

Revisiting NAKHAM (Comfort)

Today is Tisha B'Av... literally the 9th day in the Hebrew month of Av... and it's a day where comfort is far from the minds of the Jewish people. The 9th day of Av, historically, is a day of sorrow and remembrance of great Jewish tragedies. Traditionally it is associated with the fall of the… Continue reading Revisiting NAKHAM (Comfort)


  To TRIUMPH/to be JUBILANT/to CELEBRATE- alaz, verb, (Strong’s 5937); alez, adjective, (Strong’s 5938). Root: עלז Sounds like: ah-lahz, ah'lez We often associate triumph with the world of sports. Beating your previous record is a personal triumph, winning the Stanley Cup is a team triumph, standing on the top of the Olympic podium makes you… Continue reading Alaz: CELEBRATE the Great TRIUMPH!

Revisiting MOSHEL (Dominion)

I live in a country that is officially called The Dominion of Canada. A dominion is often referred to as a place, like a realm, a territory, a colony; but dominion also means "power". To have dominion means to have power. A kingdom has a king; and a king has dominion over his kingdom. YHWH,… Continue reading Revisiting MOSHEL (Dominion)

Atzav/Ka’as/Tugah: Good GRIEF!

To GRIEVE/GRIEF: atzav, verb (Strong’s 6087); ka’as, masculine noun (Strong’s 3708); tugah, feminine noun (Strong’s 8424). There are numerous Hebrew words expressing the idea of grief. The three most prominent being: Atzav, the action to grieve; Ka’as, the physical reaction from grief, such vexation or provocation; and Tugah, grief as a result of torment. Root: atzav (עצב),… Continue reading Atzav/Ka’as/Tugah: Good GRIEF!

Revisiting DA’AT/YADA (Knowledge)

Today is Father's Day and my Dad has always encouraged me to be a seeker of knowledge... first in medieval history, then genealogy, and now Biblical languages and history. Knowledge opens up the whole world for exploration. This week my oldest daughter, Grace, graduates from High School. In her pursuit of knowledge she will be… Continue reading Revisiting DA’AT/YADA (Knowledge)

Tevel: Saving the WORLD

WORLD: tevel. Feminine noun. (Strong’s 8398). Root: תבל Sounds like: tey-veyl The world is a complicated place. We are all inhabitants of it and we are all fellow-citizens in it, yet we seem to do our very best to ruin it.  Doomsayers tell us that the world is set for destruction and although many stand… Continue reading Tevel: Saving the WORLD

Revisiting Zakar (Remember)

Today is D-day. My Dad taught me to have the greatest respect for this day. It was the largest sea-born invasion in all of history. Seventy-seven years ago today (6 June 1944) the Canadian troops landed on Juno Beach and successfully secured the Normandy coast for the Allies... but not without heavy and devastating casualties.… Continue reading Revisiting Zakar (Remember)