Revisiting COMPASSION: Rakham

First, may I say: A very happy Mother's Day to all who have mothered anyone! Many of us, myself included, have reaped the benefits of a compassionate Mum. Although compassion is a strong quality in all good mothers, as many unfortunately know, not all mothers are good mothers. Isaiah 49:15 [YHWH:] “Can a woman forget… Continue reading Revisiting COMPASSION: Rakham

S’khaq/Ts’khaq: The Joy of LAUGHTER & PLAY

LAUGH/PLAY: Sakhaq- verb (Strong’s 7832) and sekhoq- Masculine noun  (Strong’s 7814); ts’khaq- Verb (Strong’s 3327); ts’khoq- Masculine Noun (Strong’s 6711). Root: צחק & שחק Sounds like: sa’khawk & tza’khawk (verb) and sa’khohk & tza’khohk (noun) Laughter and play are very important parts of our lives. Being joyful often comes with laughter and in these days,… Continue reading S’khaq/Ts’khaq: The Joy of LAUGHTER & PLAY

Revisiting Righteousness

Righteousness is one of those "religious" words that people don't know what to do with. Many people associate it with being self-righteous, a person who looks down on others. Others think that the word righteous describes people who are morally and ethically superior. But neither of these definitions are how YHWH sees His people. YHWH… Continue reading Revisiting Righteousness

Ramah: The Net of DECEIT

DECEIT: ramah, verb (7411); mir’mah, feminine noun (4820); r’miyah, feminine noun (7423).  Root: רמה Sounds like: rah'mah “In a time of universal deceit, speaking truth to power is a revolutionary act.” These words have been attributed to George Orwell but could rightly be said of many of the prophets in the Bible. It also accurately… Continue reading Ramah: The Net of DECEIT

Revisiting WOMB

Womb is a powerful metaphor. It is a place from which bursts forth life or death. In the Psalms (110:3) we are given a beautiful pictorial image of a sunrise, describing it as the womb of the dawn, when the sun bursts forth, giving birth to a new day. In Jonah (2:2) we see a… Continue reading Revisiting WOMB

Padah/Kopher: Paying the RANSOM

RANSOMED- padah (Strong's 6299, 6302, 6304, 6306); kopher (Strong's 3724). Root: פדה (padah) Root: כפר (kopher) Sounds like: paw'dah and koh'fehr Today is my oldest daughter's 18th birthday. Grace Anwen has been an incredible gift in my life. I love her beyond description, and I would lay down my life for her and her sister.… Continue reading Padah/Kopher: Paying the RANSOM

Revisiting LAMB

We are in the midst of Passover week, a time when we are called to remember how YHWH rescued the Hebrew people from slavery in Egypt. After nine horrific plagues attacked Egypt, the final plague was the nail in the coffin. The first born of every human and animal would die. But YHWH sent instructions… Continue reading Revisiting LAMB

Ma’as: The REJECTED Ones

To REJECT: ma’as. Verb. (Strong’s 3988). Root: מאס Sounds like: mah'as Rejecting YHWH The rejection that stands out most in the Bible is people rejecting God, not the other way around. God created everything, but only humans rejected God and that that rejection came at a cost.   YHWH offered up this beautiful world and placed it… Continue reading Ma’as: The REJECTED Ones

Revisiting WISDOM

WISDOM is an attribute of God, and "wise" is one of those essential Biblical descriptor words that defines good living. Wisdom literature in the Bible, primarily found in Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job, brought to light the full meaning of YHWH's wisdom. Wisdom, often personified in female form, was a beautiful thing to possess: Proverbs 4:4b-9… Continue reading Revisiting WISDOM

NAKHASH, SERAPH, TANNIN: Snakes, Seraphim, and Sea Serpents

SNAKE/SERPENT: Nakhash- (Strong’s 5175). נחש FIERY SERPENT: Seraph- (Strong’s 8314). שרף SEA SERPENT/SEA MONSTER/DRAGON: Tannin- (Strong’s 8577). תנין Sounds like: nah'kawsh, s'rawf, tah'neen. When we hear the word snake in the Bible most people’s minds go right to Genesis 3 and the crafty talking serpent in the Garden of Eden. But there is so much… Continue reading NAKHASH, SERAPH, TANNIN: Snakes, Seraphim, and Sea Serpents