Qohelet: The Words of the PREACHER

PREACHER: Qohelet. Noun masculine. (Strong’s 6953). Original word: קֹהֶלֶת Sounds like: kohelet The Hebrew word Qohelet only shows up in the book Ecclesiastes, which is fitting considering that the title of that book is actually a Latin transliteration of Qohelet. Ecclesia, in Latin, means church and ecclesiastes, a preacher/announcer/evangelist. Ecclesia was borrowed from the Greek word… Continue reading Qohelet: The Words of the PREACHER

Even/Eben: A Costly STONE

STONE: even/eben. Feminine Noun. (Strong’s 68). Root: אֶבֶן Sounds like: ehven (rhymes with seven). Stone of Remembering This week in April, one year ago, I made my first trek to Alberta Canada. A week in Jasper National Park meant that I spent much of my time looking up... way up! The mountains were breathtaking; they… Continue reading Even/Eben: A Costly STONE

Nuakh: I Will Give You REST

REST: nuach (verb) (5117). RESTING PLACE:  m'nuchah (feminine noun) (4496). Root: נוּחַ Sounds like: noo'akh/m-noo-khaw We are such a busy bunch of bees… fluttering about, constantly moving, never slowing down, keeping up with the Joneses, multitasking, and marathoning. It seems to me that we have a hard time sitting still… until now, that is. Now,… Continue reading Nuakh: I Will Give You REST

Tamim: The BLAMELESS Children

BLAMELESS: tamim (adjective) (8549), tam (adjectjive) (8535). Root: תָּם / תָּמִים Sounds like: taw'meem / tawm. For many people around the globe, this is Holy Week. For Jewish and Messianic Jewish communities, this is the middle of Passover, and for many Christians this is Easter, or Good Friday and He-Is-Risen Sunday. It is normally a… Continue reading Tamim: The BLAMELESS Children

Khamor/Athon: The Needed DONKEY

DONKEY: khamor (male, masculine noun) (2543) & athon (female, feminine noun) (860).  Root (khamor): חֲמוֹר  Root (athon): אָתוֹן Sounds like: kha’more and ah'tohn. So those who know me well know that I have an affinity for donkey’s. My three favourite animals are cats (I live with three of them), skunks (we go way back), and… Continue reading Khamor/Athon: The Needed DONKEY

Dakka: CRUSHED but not Defeated

CRUSHED: dakka (Strong’s 1792, 1794 (verb), and 1793 (adjective/masculine noun)).  Root: דַּכָּא Sounds like: daw-kaw.  The word dakka only shows up in 5 books of the Bible: Job, Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah & Lamentations… but it has a brilliant impact in the world of Biblical poetry. It’s expressive and metaphoric, and fittingly reflects how many of us… Continue reading Dakka: CRUSHED but not Defeated

Bakhir: Be the CHOSEN

CHOSEN/ELECT: bakhir/vakhir (Strong’s 972 (masculine noun) & 977 (verb)).  Root: בָּחר Sounds like: bakhar (verb) & bakheer/vakheer (noun).  I have very rarely promoted anything on this blog, outside of the learning and reading of Biblical Hebrew (which you should all go and do, by the way!!), but I have been captivated by a little (yet… Continue reading Bakhir: Be the CHOSEN


CASE/CAUSE/DISPUTE/STRIFE/PLEAD: riv/rib (Strong’s 7378 (verb) & 7379 (masculine noun), 4808 (feminine noun)). Root: רִיב Sounds like: reeve.  From the earliest moments of civilization, we have brought trials against each other in the name of justice.  It is an aspect of community that can be both healthy and damaging. We are mesmerized by judicial cases, hoping… Continue reading Riv: I PLEAD my CASE!

Da’ag: Cast your ANXIETY

ANXIETY: da’ag (verb: anxious); deagah (noun: anxiety).  (Strong's 1672, 1674).  ANXIOUS/DISQUIETING THOUGHTS: sar’af (noun). (Strong’s 8312). Root: דָּאַג (da'ag). Root: שַׂרְעַף (sar'af). Sounds like: daw'ag & sahr'awf.  I don’t think there’s a human out there that can say they’ve never had anxiety or worries. In fact, it seems that anxiety has become a global epidemic which does… Continue reading Da’ag: Cast your ANXIETY

Regel: How lovely are the FEET

FOOT: regel. Feminine noun. (Strong's 7272). Root: רֶגֶל Sounds like: reh-ghel. How Lovely are the Feet... Feet don't often get described as lovely or beautiful, but the prophet Isaiah painted a pretty picture about feet on mountains: Isaiah 52:7 How lovely on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news [rag’leh m-vasser]… Continue reading Regel: How lovely are the FEET