Shavah: A CAPTIVE Soul

CAPTIVE: shavah, verb ‘to take captive’ (Strong’s 7617); sh’vut, feminine noun (Strong’s 7622); sh’viy, masculine noun (Strong’s 7628); shiv’yah, feminine noun (Strong’s 7633). Root: שבה Sounds like: sha’vah; sh’voot; sh’vee; sheev’yah Taking captives was a common part of ancient warfare. We know that Canaanites took Israelites captive (Numbers 21:1); Israelites took captive the women of… Continue reading Shavah: A CAPTIVE Soul

Golah: Wandering in EXILE

GOLAH: An exile, feminine noun (Strong’s 1473). GALAH: to be exiled, verb (Strong’s 1540). Root: גלה Sounds like: goh-lah / gah-lah Isaiah 24:11b-12 All joy turns to gloom. The joy of the earth is banished exiled [galah גָּלָ֖ה]. Desolation is left in the city and the gate is battered to ruins. Exile was a horrible… Continue reading Golah: Wandering in EXILE

Yeshua’ti: My SALVATION

My Salvation: yeshua’ti and yish’i (from Strong’s 3468) Root: ישע Sounds like: y’shoo-ah’tee and yeesh’tee Here’s a question that occasionally surfaces: why write Yeshua instead of Jesus? Truth be told (and to my surprise), I rarely get asked this question, but when I do, here’s my response: HebrewWordLessons is primarily a teaching blog. It does… Continue reading Yeshua’ti: My SALVATION


TURNED OVER, OVERTURNED: hapak, verb (Strong’s 2015) and ma-h’pekah, feminine noun (Strong’s 4114). Root: הפך Sounds like: haw-fawk/haw-pawk Things that are overturned, or turned over, sometimes make us uncomfortable. For the most part, we don’t like change. But change is what has kept history moving forward, for better or worse.  When it comes to the… Continue reading Hapak: OVERTURNED!

My husband, Jeremiah 10:10, and Dr. Michael S. Heiser

Today is my husband’s birthday. He would have been 52. It’s hard to believe another birthday has gone by without him. I miss him dearly. But we won’t let the day go by without a little celebration. I’ll be having a birthday donut from Halo Donuts, and a Pepsi, in his honour! I have great… Continue reading My husband, Jeremiah 10:10, and Dr. Michael S. Heiser

Raphah: RELAX, and Let Go

RELAX: Raphah, verb, (Strong's 7503). Root: רפה Sounds like: Rah-fah A friend asked me a question last week:  Hi Sarah- I recently read an Instagram post about the Bible text "Be still and know that I am God". They said that the original Hebrew word that is often translated as 'rest' or 'be still' actually… Continue reading Raphah: RELAX, and Let Go

Nashaq: the Family KISS

KISS: nashaq, verb, (Strong’s 5401); neshiqah, feminine noun, (Strong's 5390). Root: נשק Sounds like: naw’shawk This week, love takes centre stage for many of us. We are exposed to images of red and pink hearts, warm hugs, sweet chocolate treats, flowers and passionate kisses. St. Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday which celebrates love, primarily… Continue reading Nashaq: the Family KISS

Mahn: MANNA- What is it?!

MAHN: manna= What is it?! Masculine Noun, (Strong's 4478). Root: מן Sounds like: mawn Manna is one of those Bible story words that is very familiar to anyone who attended Sunday School. As the story goes, when the Hebrew people fled Egypt and went into the wilderness they were on the verge of starvation, but… Continue reading Mahn: MANNA- What is it?!

Saba: A SATISFYing Life

Saba: to satisfy, to provide abundantly, to saturate. Verb (Strong’s 7646). Root: שבע Sounds like: sah'bah/sah'vah How's life? Are things okay? Are you satisfied?  These are questions that we often get asked. You may even ask yourself those things. Are you happy with the way things are in your life? Would you call yourself, "satisfied"?… Continue reading Saba: A SATISFYing Life

L’venah & Khomer: Building with BRICKS & MORTAR

Mortar, Clay, Cement: Khomer, masculine noun (Strong’s 2563); Bricks: L’venah, feminine noun (Strong’s 3843); Making bricks, white: Lavan, verb (Strong’s 3835).  Root: חמר (khomer) & לבן (lavan) Sounds like: khoe'meyr & la'vahn Yesterday I turned 50. That’s a milestone, they say (whoever “they” are). I’m excited for what the future holds. Yes, my body has… Continue reading L’venah & Khomer: Building with BRICKS & MORTAR