Revisiting SHANI (Scarlet)

About twelve years ago I woke up one morning and my face felt very tight. When I looked in the mirror I was as red as a lobster. I had contracted Scarlet Fever. Thankfully, a strong antibiotic was able to clear me of the disease. This is what I think of when I hear the… Continue reading Revisiting SHANI (Scarlet)

Shuwt: ROAMING, to and fro, with Intent

ROAMING TO and FRO: Shuwt. Verb. (Strong’s 7751). Root: שוט Sounds like: shewt In the Bible wandering and roaming are two different things. People who wander aren't necessarily lost, but they are a little bit directionless. People who roam have a purpose.  Shuwt is not wandering aimlessly; shuwt is roaming around with intent. When you… Continue reading Shuwt: ROAMING, to and fro, with Intent

Revisiting KHESED (Loving Loyalty/Lovingkindness)

Khesed: Rethinking LOYALTY/LOVINGKINDNESS Although there is no direct English rendering of khesed, translators have “given it a go” with such words as: mercy, grace, graciousness, favour, loyalty, covenant loyalty, believing loyalty, loving loyalty, strength, devotion, steadfast love, unfailing love, lovingkindness, kindness, compassion and faithfulness. Truth be told, it’s none of those words specifically and all… Continue reading Revisiting KHESED (Loving Loyalty/Lovingkindness)

Boosh: SHAME (Not) on You!

SHAME: Boosh, Verb, (Strong’s 954); Bushah, Feminine Noun, (Strong's 955); Boshet, Feminine Noun, (Strong's 1322). Root: בוש Sounds like: boosh, boo'shaw, bow'shet This is the 200th post of HebrewWordLessons! For 200 consecutive Sundays in a row we’ve taken a deep dive into various Biblical words. Clearly, I love word studies, but word studies are only… Continue reading Boosh: SHAME (Not) on You!

Revisiting SEFER (Book)

I love books! I'm a library technician and I'm surrounded by books at work. My desk is piled high with books that need my attention... and that just makes me happy. To call the Bible a book doesn't give it justice, even though the word Bible comes from the Greek word for book (biblio). It's… Continue reading Revisiting SEFER (Book)