Chazzah: It’s a Vision… Look and See!

LOOK, SEE, PERCEIVE: chazzah. Verb. (Strong's 2372). Root: חָזָה Sounds like: khazzah! I live along the beautiful South Shore of Prince Edward Island, on the edge of the Northumberland Strait. It takes me about 30 minutes to drive to work which is in PEI’s capital city of Charlottetown. And even after almost five years of driving… Continue reading Chazzah: It’s a Vision… Look and See!

Davaq: Cling/Cleave/Keep Close… Hug?

CLING: davaq. Verb. (Strong’s 1692). Root: דָּבַק Sounds like: da-vawk or da-bawk. My youngest daughter, Bridget, gives the best hugs. Although she's slight, it feels like she's as heavy as a rock as she throws her arms all the way around you and holds on tight. There's no letting go, and nothing will break the… Continue reading Davaq: Cling/Cleave/Keep Close… Hug?

Yayin: the Wine of our Salvation

WINE: yayin. Masculine Noun. (Strong’s 3196). Root: יַיִן Sounds like: yah-yeen. I have a sensitivity to alcohol and am unable to drink wine, but I'm told by many friends that there's nothing like a glass of wine after work to sooth the soul. Certainly our culture has connected wine with relaxation and decadence. The cup… Continue reading Yayin: the Wine of our Salvation