Ehyeh: I AM!

I AM: Ehyeh. Imperfect, first person singular verb (Strong’s 1961). There are two primary ways to say I am in the Hebrew Bible: ani and ehyeh.  Ani (and anoki) is the most prolific Hebrew word meaning “I am”. Even YHWH repeatedly used it to speak of Himself, saying “Ani YHWH” (I am YHWH): Leviticus 18:21… Continue reading Ehyeh: I AM!

Raqia: SKY, Expanse

SKY/EXPANSE- Raqia, Masculine Noun (Strong's 7549); Raqa, Verb (Strong's 7554). Root: רקע Sounds like: ra’kee’ah The word raqia has had some interesting hang time in the world of academic theology. Some try to place  boundaries between the words sky (raqia) and heaven (shamyim), hoping to find some unique truths by exploring their differences. For others,… Continue reading Raqia: SKY, Expanse

Sanay: To HATE

Sanay- to hate, verb (Strong's 8130); Si'nah- hatred, feminine noun (Strong's 8135). Root: שנא Sounds like: saw'neh Hate is a harsh word. It may be the harshest word in the English dictionary. But the truth is, it’s an emotion that every human being has experienced at one time or another. We may hate Mondays; we… Continue reading Sanay: To HATE

Bara, Yatsar, Asah: CREATOR, FORMER, MAKER

CREATOR: bara (Strong's 1254); FORMER/FASHIONER: yatsar (Strong's 3335); MAKER: asah (Strong's 6213). Root: bara (ברא), yatsar (יצר), asah (עשה) Sounds like: bah'rah, yat'zar, ah'sah There are a few Hebrew words that describe YHWH as the Great orchestrator of the universe. They can be generally broken down into three categories: the Creator, the Former, and the… Continue reading Bara, Yatsar, Asah: CREATOR, FORMER, MAKER