Boqer: Good MORNING!

MORNING: boqer. Masculine Noun. (Strong’s 1242). Root: בקר Sounds like: bow-ker Psalm 65:8 They who dwell at the ends of the earth stand in awe of Your signs; You [YHWH] make the sunrise and the sunset [mowtsa’ey boqer wa-erev] shout for joy. If you translate this from the original Hebrew "the sunrise and the sunset"… Continue reading Boqer: Good MORNING!

Badal: Separate/Set Apart/Divide

Separate/Divide/Make Distinct/Set Apart: Badal. Verb (Strong’s 914). Root: בדל Sounds like: b’dawl or v’dawl The verb to separate, to divide, to set apart tends to have a negative connotation in English. A separation in marriage, a divided workplace, a segregation of races, all these things evoke sadness because of human division.  But in the Bible… Continue reading Badal: Separate/Set Apart/Divide

Khem’ah: CHEESE- Curds of the Herd

Cheese: khem’ah, Feminine Noun, (Strong's 2529). Root: חמאה Sounds like: khem'awh I love cheese. It is my food weakness. I grew up in Tiverton Ontario Canada and I fondly recall taking special trips to the Pine River Cheese factory. If I had anything to say about it, those trips always ended up with a cherished… Continue reading Khem’ah: CHEESE- Curds of the Herd

Revisiting SHAVUOT

I had every intention to discuss the Hebrew word for cheese this week, but I've been delightfully busy preparing to lead the sessions for a women's retreat here at Camp Keir in Prince Edward Island. The retreat ended this morning and we had a great time discussing women in church leadership. So this week we're… Continue reading Revisiting SHAVUOT