Yaqar: Life is PRECIOUS

PRECIOUS/costly: yaqar. (Verb: 3365, Masculine Noun: 3366, Adjective: 3368). Root: יָקָר Sounds like: ya’car Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings film trilogy gets watched at our house a LOT… like, multiple times a year. So naturally the word “precious” immediately conjures up an image of Gollum possessively desiring the One Ring. The Ring, to Gollum, was the most… Continue reading Yaqar: Life is PRECIOUS

Gephen & Kerem: Good fruit from VINE & VINEYARD

VINE: gephen (Strong’s 1612). VINEYARD: kerem (Strong’s 3754). Both Masculine Nouns.  Root: גֶּפֶן & כֶּרֶם Sounds like: geh-fen & kar’ehm For a few years we lived in the lovely little rural village of Alma, Ontario. In our backyard was a large and prosperous grapevine. The first September in that house we were provided with an abundance of… Continue reading Gephen & Kerem: Good fruit from VINE & VINEYARD