Perez: Standing in the BREACH/GAP

BREACH/GAP: Peretz/Perez. Masculine noun. (Strong’s 6556) Root: פֶרֶץ Sounds like: peh’retz I used to live in York, England. It's a beautiful city and maintains much of it's mediveal architecture. You can still walk along the medieval walls that surround the city. Ancient and medieval cities were often hemmed in by walls. It was their top… Continue reading Perez: Standing in the BREACH/GAP

Taher: CLEAN from the Inside Out

To be CLEAN/PURE: taher. Verb. (Strong’s 2891). See also: 2889- tahor- adjective. 2890- tahor- Masculine Noun. 2892- tohar- Masculine noun.  2893- tahorah- Feminine noun.  Root: טָהֵר Sounds like: taw-hare The author of Proverbs asked this question: Proverbs 20:9 Who can say, “I have cleansed my heart, I am pure [tahar’ti] from my sin”?  The Bible has… Continue reading Taher: CLEAN from the Inside Out

Yaqar: Life is PRECIOUS

PRECIOUS/costly: yaqar. (Verb: 3365, Masculine Noun: 3366, Adjective: 3368). Root: יָקָר Sounds like: ya’car Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings film trilogy gets watched at our house a LOT… like, multiple times a year. So naturally the word “precious” immediately conjures up an image of Gollum possessively desiring the One Ring. The Ring, to Gollum, was the most… Continue reading Yaqar: Life is PRECIOUS

Gephen & Kerem: Good fruit from VINE & VINEYARD

VINE: gephen (Strong’s 1612). VINEYARD: kerem (Strong’s 3754). Both Masculine Nouns.  Root: גֶּפֶן & כֶּרֶם Sounds like: geh-fen & kar’ehm For a few years we lived in the lovely little rural village of Alma, Ontario. In our backyard was a large and prosperous grapevine. The first September in that house we were provided with an abundance of… Continue reading Gephen & Kerem: Good fruit from VINE & VINEYARD