Mattan: GIFT- A Purim tradition

Gift- mattan/mattanah  (Strong’s 4976/4979) Root: מַתָּ֣ן Mem Tav Nun Sounds like: mah'tahn This week, on Thursday March 1st, marks the beginning of Purim. In the Jewish calendar the date is the 14th day of Adar, 5778. Purim is a celebration to remember Esther’s great courage in stopping the genocide of the Jewish people in 5th century… Continue reading Mattan: GIFT- A Purim tradition

Amats: Living with COURAGE

Courage: amats (Strong’s 553) Root: אָמַץ (aleph, mem, tsade) [Sounds like aw-mawtz] We all have days when we feel hopeless and without courage, and it’s difficult to face even the simplest things in life. But one of the greatest things about having a faith in YHWH is the freedom you get in putting your trust in… Continue reading Amats: Living with COURAGE

Pele: Being WONDER-filled

Wonder: Pele (Strong’s 6382. See also 6383) Root: פֶּ֫לֶא (pey, lamed, aleph) [Sounds like: peh-leh] It’s Olympics time, which for me means a double figure skating season: Olympics followed by the World Championships in March. I’m a big fan of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. I find their skating wonderful. To have “wonder” is to be overcome with… Continue reading Pele: Being WONDER-filled

Nefesh: Everything you wanted to know about “the SOUL”.

Soul: nefesh. (Strong’s 5315). Root: נָ֫פֶשׁ (nun, pey, shin) Sounds like: na-fesh The Hebrew word “nefesh” is usually translated in the Tanakh (Old Testament) as “soul”, but also can be translated as living being, life, creature, himself, herself, mind, desires, appetite, persons… All these varied translations muddle up the process of trying to define the word. In… Continue reading Nefesh: Everything you wanted to know about “the SOUL”.