LYING DOWN, RESTING, RECLINING: Rabats, (to lie down), verb, (Strong’s 7257); Rebets (resting place), masculine noun, (Strong”s 7258). Root: רבץ Sounds like: rah-batz, reh-betz One of the most famous Biblical stories is the story of Cain and Abel. Even those who know very little about the Bible have at least heard their names. This was… Continue reading Rabats: LYING DOWN, RESTING, RECLINING

Aqev: Striking the HEEL

HEEL: Aqev, Masculine Noun (Strong’s 6119) Root: עקב Sounds like: aw’kev What I love about studying Biblical Hebrew words is that you come quickly to the realization that each Hebrew word is meaningful. Even what seems like the most mundane word can have profound meaning or, at the very least, give clarity to a concept… Continue reading Aqev: Striking the HEEL

Revisiting Sukkot

Today is the last day of Sukkot, the Festival of Booths. It's a beautiful festival that was meant to bring to mind God's saving power in the midst of the rocky wilderness. When Moses led the people out of Egypt and into the desert they lived in makeshift shelters. Today people create rugged booths in… Continue reading Revisiting Sukkot

Rud: HOMELESS/Restless/Wandering

HOMELESS/RESTLESS/ROAMING/WANDERING: Rud, verb (Strong’s 7300); Marud, masculine noun (Strong’s 4788).  Root: רוד Sounds like: rood; ma'rood Tonight, at sunset, begins the Festival of Sukkot, and Sukkot means: booth, shelter, den, pavilion, canopy, tent, tabernacle, hiding place. The festival requires a makeshift home (sukkah) to be made in order to commemorate the Hebrew people's wandering in… Continue reading Rud: HOMELESS/Restless/Wandering

Derek: Revisiting The WAY

Isaiah 30:21 And whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear this command behind you: “This is the way [ha-derek]. Walk in it.” Image by Joe (pixabay.com) Derek, meaning (the) Way, is a noun that shows up over 700 times in the Hebrew Bible. The Biblical writers implored people… Continue reading Derek: Revisiting The WAY