Rechem/Beten: WOMB- Creation Compassion

Rechem: Womb. Masculine Noun. (Strong’s 7358). Beten: Womb/Belly. Feminine Noun. (Strong’s 990). Root: רחם Root: בטן Sounds like: rekh'em and beh'ten As we near the Christmas season it seems fitting that we look at the Hebrew word rechem, meaning womb. Yeshua (Jesus) came to earth through Mary’s womb. As we noted last week, the Hebrew… Continue reading Rechem/Beten: WOMB- Creation Compassion

Rakham: A touch of COMPASSION

MERCY/COMPASSION: Rakham. Stong’s 7355 & 7356 Root: רָחַם resh/chet/mem Sounds like: raw-khawn Compassion is one of those human qualities that we admire and celebrate. It's a hugely emotional word. Our feelings are stirred by the tiniest bird with a broken wing, a child without a friend, a famished stray kitten, an elderly man who can't… Continue reading Rakham: A touch of COMPASSION

Emun/Emunah: FAITHFULNESS; it’s a Relationship Word

FAITHFUL: Emun, Masculine noun (Strong’s 529); Emunah, Feminine noun (Strong’s 530). Root: אמן -aman The dictionary tells us that faith is the complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Faith in the Bible is having complete trust in YHWH God. Even the word “Amen” comes out of the Hebrew root word for faith- aman-… Continue reading Emun/Emunah: FAITHFULNESS; it’s a Relationship Word

Mishpat: JUSTICE/JUDGEMENT- to save, not destroy

Mishpat מִשְׁפָּט- Judgement/Justice (Strong’s 4941) Hebrew 3 letter root: שָׁפַט (shin-pey-tet)- to judge-to govern (Strong’s 8199) Would you say justice and judgement are two separate words? In Hebrew they are one and the same; they are mishpat. Why does judgement seems harsh and unforgiving? Why does justice seem like a positive, inclusive, aspect of a… Continue reading Mishpat: JUSTICE/JUDGEMENT- to save, not destroy