Matsa: Seek and you will FIND

FIND: Matsa. Verb. (Strong’s 4672). Root: מצא Sounds like: mah-tsah We started off the year 2020 with the Hebrew word for SEEK and so it seems fitting to end the year with FIND. We certainly found more than we bargained for in 2020. It has been a year of great challenge, globally. Every reader will… Continue reading Matsa: Seek and you will FIND

Tamah: Be Prepared to Be AMAZED!

AMAZED/ASTONISHED/SHOCKED: tamah. Verb. (Strong’s 8539). Root: תמה Sounds like: tah-mah One of the most celebrated stories this time of year is the angelic visitation to the shepherds on the night the Messiah was born. Can you imagine… out in the fields, surrounded by loud baaing sheep, a dark night… when suddenly a single angel stood… Continue reading Tamah: Be Prepared to Be AMAZED!

Ner: The Glow of LAMP Light

LAMP: ner. Masculine noun. (Strong’s 5216). Root: ניר Sounds like: nehr/neer I work in a library and I love it! But the one downfall is the lighting. It's an older building with mostly overhead fluorescent lights, which I find glaring to the eyes. My own office space gave me headaches, but I couldn't turn the… Continue reading Ner: The Glow of LAMP Light

Ya’ats: Wonderful, COUNSELLOR

COUNSELLOR/ADVISOR: Ya’ats. Verb. (Strong's 3289); Etsah. Feminine noun. (Strong's 6098). Root: יעץ Sounds like: yah’atz, etzah It seems like this world is full of counsellors... people trying to give advice. There are infomercials advising us to buy the right products, gossips advising us not to be like “that person”, well intentioned friends advising us to… Continue reading Ya’ats: Wonderful, COUNSELLOR

Sha’an: LEAN on Me

LEAN/RELY: Sha’an. Verb. (Strong's 8172) Root: שען  Sounds like: shaw’an Today my parents celebrate their 51st wedding Anniversary. They are excellent examples of two people who lean and rely on each other to navigate this gift called life. It helps to have someone we can truly rely on, someone we can trust to always have… Continue reading Sha’an: LEAN on Me


TROUBLE: akar.  Verb. (Strong’s 5916). Root: עכר Sounds like: aw-kar There's a remarkable, free, multi-season series on the life of Jesus called The Chosen (in case you're living in seclusion and haven't heard). At the very end of the first season Yeshua (Jesus) and his followers march like a confident gang, slow-motion, towards Samaria with… Continue reading Akar: Bad TROUBLE, Good TROUBLE.

Yeled: Whose CHILD is This?

CHILD: yeled, masculine noun (Strong’s 3206); yaldah, feminine noun, (Strong’s 3207). Root: ילד Sounds like: yeh'led, yal'daw On November 20th Canada recognizes National Child Day. The date was chosen based on the adoption of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child on November 20, 1959, and the U.N.’s Convention on the Rights… Continue reading Yeled: Whose CHILD is This?

Mil’khamah: Remembering WAR

WAR: mil’khamah.  Feminine noun. (Strong's 4421).  Original word: מִלְחָמָה (from root: לחם) Sounds like: meel-kha-mah This week we set aside time to remember those who sacrificed their lives in war. Remembrance Day is important in our house. My husband’s grandfather (Robert A. Langille) served in the military and took part in the United Nations Peace… Continue reading Mil’khamah: Remembering WAR

Sheqer: The Prison of Falsehood, LIES and Deceit

LIES, FALSEHOOD, DECEPTION: Shaqar, verb. (Strong's 8266); Sheqer, masculine noun, (Strong's 8267). Root: שקר Sounds like: shaw'kar/sheh'ker Lying is one of the very first sins we accomplish as a child. We can all picture a mother asking the toddler, whose face is covered chocolate chip cookie smears, if he ate the cookie. Of course the… Continue reading Sheqer: The Prison of Falsehood, LIES and Deceit

Katav: The WRITE Stuff

WRITE: katav, verb (3789); WRITING: ketav, masculine noun (3791). Root: כתב Sounds like: kah'tahv When I was in grade 7 I told my teacher that I was going to be a writer of novels. That did not happen. I did co-author the history of a local PEI town (Opening Doors to the Past: the Life… Continue reading Katav: The WRITE Stuff