Naphal: We all FALL down

Naphal: To Fall. Verb. (Strong's 5307). Root: נָפַל Sounds like: nah'fahl The wonderful thing about studying a text in its original language is that you get to see some things that others miss in translation. For example, the story of Rebekah riding on a camel, on her way to meet her betrothed whom she has never… Continue reading Naphal: We all FALL down

Yarah: Ready, Aim, TEACH

To TEACH: yarah. Verb. (Strong’s 3384). Root: יָרָה Sounds like: yah-rah It’s back to school season and my girls are already in the swing of things, starting their grade 11 and grade 9 years. I work at a University library, which is now buzzing with the excitement of a new school term. The first week… Continue reading Yarah: Ready, Aim, TEACH

Gadol: The GREAT Plot Twist

GREAT/AWESOME!: Gadol, Adjective. (Strong's 1419). Gadal, Verb. (Strong's 1431).  Root: גָּדַל Sounds like: ga’dohl (adjective) and ga'dahl (verb) Well, we’ve hit a milestone. Gadol will be the 100th Hebrew word that I’ve attempted to unravel… that’s 100 Sundays of posting! I have 116 wonderfully devoted and kind-hearted people who have graciously allowed me to bombard their… Continue reading Gadol: The GREAT Plot Twist

Gan: The GARDEN and the Gardener

GARDEN: gan (masculine noun). gannah (feminine noun).  (Strong’s 1588, 1593, 1594).  Root: גַּנָּה / גַּן  Sounds like: gahn/gah'nah I'm not a very good gardener. Unlike my parents I was not blessed with a green thumb (apparently that skips a generation), but I try my best. I have some lovely poppies (my favourite), a few fruit and nut… Continue reading Gan: The GARDEN and the Gardener

Beged: GARMENT- soaked in treachery, washed in blood.

GARMENT/CLOTHING: beged. Masculine noun. (Strong's 899). Root: בֶּגֶד Sounds like: behg'ed I’ve never really thought much about clothes in the Bible, but honestly, there's a rich wealth of information here that paints an interesting story. Sometimes the simplest words have the most profound meaning. Clothing or garment is one of those words. Although we will… Continue reading Beged: GARMENT- soaked in treachery, washed in blood.

Yareakh: by the light of the MOON

MOON: yareakh. Masculine noun. (Strong's 3394) Root: יָרֵחַ  Sounds like: ya’reh-akh I’ve written about the stars and I’ve written about the sun, but the moon has yet to be given a chance to shine… and this week the moon has been ever so big and bright, so it seemed right to dive into this word.… Continue reading Yareakh: by the light of the MOON

Khoshek: Overcoming the DARKNESS

DARKNESS- khoshek. Masculine Noun. (Strong’s 2822). khashak. Verb. (Strong’s 2821). Root: חשֶׁךְ Sounds like: kho-SHEK As a child of the ‘80s I was highly impacted by Star Wars. I particularly loved Han Solo, a character who stood on the edge of darkness, but came to the light. Star Wars was the quintessential battle between good… Continue reading Khoshek: Overcoming the DARKNESS

Zera: A SEED in the garden

SEED/OFFSPRING/DESCENDANT: zera. Masculine noun. (Strong’s 2233). Root: זֶרַע Sounds like: zeh’rah I’m a horrible gardener… like surprisingly bad, which is a bit embarrassing considering my heritage. My parents are expert gardeners… their home has even been on the official  garden tour of St. Andrew’s, New Brunswick. My Dad, painstakingly prunes and cares for dozens of… Continue reading Zera: A SEED in the garden

Perez: Standing in the BREACH/GAP

BREACH/GAP: Peretz/Perez. Masculine noun. (Strong’s 6556) Root: פֶרֶץ Sounds like: peh’retz I used to live in York, England. It's a beautiful city and maintains much of it's mediveal architecture. You can still walk along the medieval walls that surround the city. Ancient and medieval cities were often hemmed in by walls. It was their top… Continue reading Perez: Standing in the BREACH/GAP

Taher: CLEAN from the Inside Out

To be CLEAN/PURE: taher. Verb. (Strong’s 2891). See also: 2889- tahor- adjective. 2890- tahor- Masculine Noun. 2892- tohar- Masculine noun.  2893- tahorah- Feminine noun.  Root: טָהֵר Sounds like: taw-hare The author of Proverbs asked this question: Proverbs 20:9 Who can say, “I have cleansed my heart, I am pure [tahar’ti] from my sin”?  The Bible has… Continue reading Taher: CLEAN from the Inside Out