Yeled: Whose CHILD is This?

CHILD: yeled, masculine noun (Strong’s 3206); yaldah, feminine noun, (Strong’s 3207). Root: ילד Sounds like: yeh'led, yal'daw On November 20th Canada recognizes National Child Day. The date was chosen based on the adoption of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child on November 20, 1959, and the U.N.’s Convention on the Rights… Continue reading Yeled: Whose CHILD is This?

Mil’khamah: Remembering WAR

WAR: mil’khamah.  Feminine noun. (Strong's 4421).  Original word: מִלְחָמָה (from root: לחם) Sounds like: meel-kha-mah This week we set aside time to remember those who sacrificed their lives in war. Remembrance Day is important in our house. My husband’s grandfather (Robert A. Langille) served in the military and took part in the United Nations Peace… Continue reading Mil’khamah: Remembering WAR

Sheqer: The Prison of Falsehood, LIES and Deceit

LIES, FALSEHOOD, DECEPTION: Shaqar, verb. (Strong's 8266); Sheqer, masculine noun, (Strong's 8267). Root: שקר Sounds like: shaw'kar/sheh'ker Lying is one of the very first sins we accomplish as a child. We can all picture a mother asking the toddler, whose face is covered chocolate chip cookie smears, if he ate the cookie. Of course the… Continue reading Sheqer: The Prison of Falsehood, LIES and Deceit

Katav: The WRITE Stuff

WRITE: katav, verb (3789); WRITING: ketav, masculine noun (3791). Root: כתב Sounds like: kah'tahv When I was in grade 7 I told my teacher that I was going to be a writer of novels. That did not happen. I did co-author the history of a local PEI town (Opening Doors to the Past: the Life… Continue reading Katav: The WRITE Stuff

Arum: CRAFTY is not a Bad Word

CRAFTY, SHREWD, SENSIBLE, PRUDENT, CUNNING: Arum. adjective. (Strong's 6175); Arom. verb. (Strong's 6191); Orem. Masculine noun. (Strong's 6193). Root: ערם Sounds like: a’rum, a’rohm, ohrem Everyone knows the story: Eve and Adam were tricked by a snake to eat the forbidden fruit… and they were tricked because the snake was ‘crafty’. But what exactly does… Continue reading Arum: CRAFTY is not a Bad Word

Akal: EAT at My Table

EAT: akal (verb). Strong’s 398. Root: אכל Sounds like: ah-kahl This weekend we Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving… and around the world Jews and Messianic followers of Yeshua are celebrating Sukkot. Both feasts should be a reminder of God dwelling among us and how thankful we should be for that blessing. Thanksgiving and Sukkot is a time when… Continue reading Akal: EAT at My Table

Yasad: The Firm FOUNDATION

FOUNDATION- Yasad. Verb. (Strong’s 3245); Yesud. Masculine Noun. (Strong’s 3246); Yesod. Feminine Noun. (Strong’s 3247); Moh'sadah (from the root of yasad). Feminine Noun. (Strong's 4146). Root: יסד Sounds like: yaw'sawd The Biblical authors were big fans of metaphors, analogies, wordplay and a vast array of literary genres. They used word pictures- some we understand from… Continue reading Yasad: The Firm FOUNDATION

Salakh: FORGIVE and Forget

FORGIVE/PARDON- salakh. verb. (Strong’s 5545); sallakh. adjective. (Strong’s 5546); selikhah. Feminine noun. (Strong’s 5547). Root: סָלַח Sounds like: sa’lakh I’m Canadian and we tend to say “sorry” a lot. We don’t want to be offensive, or hurt anyone’s feelings, or look like we're acting entitled. We just want everyone to get along and so as… Continue reading Salakh: FORGIVE and Forget

T’ruah: Give a Joyful SHOUT

SHOUT- Teruah. feminine Noun. (8643); Rua. verb. (7321). Root: רוּעַ Sounds like: t-roo'ah and roo'ah This week is the celebration of Rosh Hashanah (head of the year) in the Jewish rabbinic calendar. It is essentially a New Year celebration but it takes place in the seventh month of the Biblical calendar. Although the phrase rosh… Continue reading T’ruah: Give a Joyful SHOUT

Limmud: Being a DISCIPLE.

DISCIPLE/TAUGHT ONE: limmud. adjective. (Strong’s 3928). To LEARN: lamad. verb. (Strong’s 3925). Root: למד Sounds like: lee-mood, lah-mawd This week was back to school on Prince Edward Island after a 6 month covid-related break. My daughters are now both in High School: Bridget is in her first year, and Grace in her last. They are… Continue reading Limmud: Being a DISCIPLE.