Nes: BANNER of Victory and Love

BANNER/STANDARD/SIGNAL: Nes. Masculine noun. (Strong’s 5251); Nasas. Verb. (Strong’s 5264); and Degel. Masculine noun. (Strong’s 1714). Nes: נֵס Nasas: נָסַס Degel: דֶּגֶל Sounds like: ness/nawsas/dehghel There are many names in the Tanakh for YHWH. He is El Roi- The God who sees me (Genesis 16:11-14); El Shaddai- The God Almighty (Genesis 17:1-2, Genesis 48:3:, Genesis… Continue reading Nes: BANNER of Victory and Love


PESTILENCE/PLAGUE: dever. Noun masculine. (Strong’s 1698) Root: דֶּבֶר Sounds like: devehr It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 5 months since the world announced that it was under a global pandemic. The whole planet, it seemed, came to a grinding halt as we watched the rising number of infections and deaths. With the pandemic announcement… Continue reading Dever: PESTILENCE/PLAGUE

Khen: Amazing GRACE

GRACE/FAVOUR: khen. Noun masculine. (Strong’s 2580). Root: חֵן Sounds like: khayn Grace and favoured feel like very different words in English, but the Hebrew word khen captures both meanings. Grace is a gift, and to be favoured means we are gifted.  We named our oldest child Grace Anwen… and she is an incredible gift in… Continue reading Khen: Amazing GRACE

Selah: The Unknown Musical Word

SELAH: Verb (Strong’s 5542) Root: סֶלָה Sounds like: say-lah There’s a new little human on this planet, born on July 9th, and her name is Selah Grace. In these days of uncertainty and fear, her birth has brought immeasurable joy to her parents, family and friends. Selah’s birth is a reminder that YHWH is gracious… Continue reading Selah: The Unknown Musical Word

Arom/Erom/Ervah: NAKED and Exposed

NAKED: arom.  Adjective (Strong's 6174); Adjective/Masculine Noun Abstract (Strong's 5903); Feminine Noun (Strong's 6172). Arom: עָרוֹם Erom: עֵירֹם Ervah: עֶרְוָה Sounds like: ahrohm/ehrohm/air'vah Let us begin by saying… naked is not a dirty word. We all came into this world without a stitch of clothing. Nakedness is, in essence, our natural state. In shame we covered… Continue reading Arom/Erom/Ervah: NAKED and Exposed

Tehohm: A Dive into the DEEP

DEEP/DEPTHS/ABYSS: tehohm. Noun. (Strong's 8415). Root: תהום / תהו Sounds like: t’home The Deep, in the Beginning Genesis 1:1-3 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and void [tohu], and darkness was over the surface of the deep [t’hohm], and the Spirit of God was moving over the… Continue reading Tehohm: A Dive into the DEEP

Asher: The Pursuit of HAPPY

HAPPY (Blessed): asher/esher (Strong’s 833 & 835 & 837).  Root: אשר Sounds like: asher/esher/osher/ash’reh It could be said that the pursuit of happiness is the great obsessions of humanity. If you look up happiness quotes on the internet you are bombarded with pages and pages and pages of words. There are positive words about happiness:… Continue reading Asher: The Pursuit of HAPPY

Hevel: VANITY of Vanities! Is life a Vapour of Nothingness?

VAPOUR/BREATH/VANITY/FUTILITY/USELESS/MEANINGLESSNESS/NOTHINGNESS: hevel. Masculine Noun (Strong’s 1892); Verb (Strong’s 1891); the name Abel (Strong’s 1893). Root: הבל Sounds like: h’vel. Psalm 144:3-4 (see also Psalm 94:9-11) O YHWH, what is man, that You take knowledge of him? Or the son of man, that You think of him? Man is like a mere breath [la-hevel]; his days… Continue reading Hevel: VANITY of Vanities! Is life a Vapour of Nothingness?

Av: Coming home to the FATHER

FATHER: Av/Ab. Masculine noun. (Strong’s 1). Root: אָב Sounds like: Ahv I’m an only child… and I have an amazing Dad who has loved me, supported me and encouraged me throughout my life. My Dad taught me to learn something new every day, and to carefully cultivate my intelligence. He has taught me to be… Continue reading Av: Coming home to the FATHER

Yatohm: Bringing the ORPHAN Home

ORPHAN: yathom. Masculine noun. (Strong's 3490).  Original word: יָתוֹם Sounds like: ya-tohm. My friend, Bishop Gerald Kwitegereza, is the founder of Alpha Orphanage Project. It started after he had moved to Uganda from the Democratic Republic of Congo; he had felt that God had sent him there to do something, but he didn’t yet know… Continue reading Yatohm: Bringing the ORPHAN Home