Yom ha-sh’lishi: The THIRD DAY

THE THIRD DAY: Yom ha-sh’lishi. Hebraic script:  י֥וֹם  שְׁלִישִֽׁי (yom sh'lishi). Sounds like: yohm ha-sh'lishi. For the first time I have decided to tackle a phrase rather than a single word. I don't like to make exceptions, but I think this phrase warrants great consideration. If you identify as a Christian, or as a Messianic Jew,… Continue reading Yom ha-sh’lishi: The THIRD DAY

Sheol: the GRAVE? Gehenna? Hades? HELL?

SHEOL, GRAVE, HELL: Sheol. Feminine Noun. (Strong’s 7585). Root: שְׁאוֹל Sounds like: sh’ohl After a week of researching Sheol, which often gets translated as “Hell”, I thought I'd be feeling rather grim at the end of it all, but the word has actually given me a great amount of hope and positivity. That may sound… Continue reading Sheol: the GRAVE? Gehenna? Hades? HELL?

Khaneph: The POLLUTED Planet

POLLUTED/POLLUTION: khaneph. Strong’s 2610 (verb: to be polluted), 2611 (adjective: godless, profane), 2612 (noun masculine: pollution, ungodliness), 2613 (noun feminine: pollution).  Root: חָנֵף Sounds like: kaw-nef Tomorrow is the Canadian Federal election, and one of the top voter issues has been the environment and Canada’s role in climate change. We tend to see this as… Continue reading Khaneph: The POLLUTED Planet

Shakan: The DWELLing Place

Shakan: to dwell (Strong’s 7931, 7932 (verbs), 7933 (noun)) Root: שָׁכַן Sounds like: shaw-kahn This week begins the Fall Feast of Sukkot. I wrote about the meaning of the word sukkot last year. To review, it is a temporary shelter made as a remembrance of the time when the Jewish people wandered through the desert without a permanent home.… Continue reading Shakan: The DWELLing Place

Kippur: ATONEMENT, Breaking the Barrier

Kippur: Atonement (3722, 2724 (ransom), 3725) Root: כִּפֻּר Sounds like: kaphar, kopher, kippur Yom Kippur (Yom=Day, Kippur=Atonement) begins Tuesday at sundown. It is the most solemn date on the Jewish calendar... a day of fasting and prayer and great confession, when the sins of the people are laid out before God. According to Jewish tradition,… Continue reading Kippur: ATONEMENT, Breaking the Barrier

Shofar: Sound the TRUMPET

TRUMPET: shofar (7782).  Root: שׁוֹפָר Sounds like: sho-far Tonight (29 Sep 2019), starting at sunset, the Jewish people celebrate Rosh Hashanah, (Rosh meaning head and Ha-Shanah meaning the year). Actually Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is not so much a Biblical holiday but rather a civil holiday which was formed out of the Biblical… Continue reading Shofar: Sound the TRUMPET

Naphal: We all FALL down

Naphal: To Fall. Verb. (Strong's 5307). Root: נָפַל Sounds like: nah'fahl The wonderful thing about studying a text in its original language is that you get to see some things that others miss in translation. For example, the story of Rebekah riding on a camel, on her way to meet her betrothed whom she has never… Continue reading Naphal: We all FALL down

Yarah: Ready, Aim, TEACH

To TEACH: yarah. Verb. (Strong’s 3384). Root: יָרָה Sounds like: yah-rah It’s back to school season and my girls are already in the swing of things, starting their grade 11 and grade 9 years. I work at a University library, which is now buzzing with the excitement of a new school term. The first week… Continue reading Yarah: Ready, Aim, TEACH

Gadol: The GREAT Plot Twist

GREAT/AWESOME!: Gadol, Adjective. (Strong's 1419). Gadal, Verb. (Strong's 1431).  Root: גָּדַל Sounds like: ga’dohl (adjective) and ga'dahl (verb) Well, we’ve hit a milestone. Gadol will be the 100th Hebrew word that I’ve attempted to unravel… that’s 100 Sundays of posting! I have 116 wonderfully devoted and kind-hearted people who have graciously allowed me to bombard their… Continue reading Gadol: The GREAT Plot Twist

Gan: The GARDEN and the Gardener

GARDEN: gan (masculine noun). gannah (feminine noun).  (Strong’s 1588, 1593, 1594).  Root: גַּנָּה / גַּן  Sounds like: gahn/gah'nah I'm not a very good gardener. Unlike my parents I was not blessed with a green thumb (apparently that skips a generation), but I try my best. I have some lovely poppies (my favourite), a few fruit and nut… Continue reading Gan: The GARDEN and the Gardener