Tohu v’vohu: FORMLESS & VOID… or uninhabitable chaos & emptiness?

FORMLESS: tohu. Masculine noun. (Strong’s 8414). Root: תֹּהוּ Sounds like: toe-hu VOID: vohu. Masculine noun. (Strong’s 922). Root: בֹּהוּ Sounds like: voe-hu Genesis 1:1-3 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and void [tohu v’vohu], and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of… Continue reading Tohu v’vohu: FORMLESS & VOID… or uninhabitable chaos & emptiness?

Bara: being CREATION-defenders

CREATE/CREATOR: bara. Verb. (Strong’s 1254) Root: בָּרָא Sounds like: bah-rah When I’m not plunking away at this blog, I’m either hanging out with my family or friends, or I’m at work. I’m a library technician at the University of Prince Edward Island. One of the most popular library trends, these days, is to host a… Continue reading Bara: being CREATION-defenders

Kanaph: WINGS of Refuge and Healing

WING, EDGE, CORNER: kanaph. Feminine noun. (Strong’s 3671). Root: כָּנָף Sounds like: kaw-nawf One of the great pleasures of living in Prince Edward Island is the stunning wild life. Yesterday I saw two gold finches flutter playfully in the tree branches; on Friday I watched a Northern Flicker take a dust bath in the road… Continue reading Kanaph: WINGS of Refuge and Healing

Qavah: What are you WAITING for?

WAIT: qavah. Verb. (Strong’s 6960). Root: קָוָה Sounds like: kaw-vah Today is the birthday of my incredibly bright, introverted, creative and valiant daughter, Bridget. Her birth was painful (as all drug-free births are), but I was fortunate in regards to how abruptly it started and how quickly it ended. I was particularly blessed, as she… Continue reading Qavah: What are you WAITING for?

Yalad: Our BIRTH Story

BIRTH (brought forth): yalad. Verb. (Strong’s 3205). Root: יָלַד Sounds like: yah-lahd. Today we celebrate mothers… those who raised children, and those who were unable to. We celebrate all women who were mothering in some way… women who have guided children, listened to them, loved them and supported them. Although we might not all be… Continue reading Yalad: Our BIRTH Story

Hekal: The Living TEMPLE

TEMPLE: hekal. Masculine noun. (Strong’s 1964). Root: הֵיכָל Sounds like: hey-kawl. On April 15th a large part of Notre Dame Cathedral, in Paris, was burned in a fire. As a medievalist I felt a sense of great historic and artistic loss, but where I felt it most was in my deep love for the Victor Hugo… Continue reading Hekal: The Living TEMPLE

Harim: MOUNTAINS of the Most High

MOUNTAINS: harim. Masculine noun. (Strong’s 2022).  Root: הַר (singular: har). Sounds like: hareem This week I find myself in the beautiful town of Jasper Alberta for a library conference, so it seemed apt to choose the word mountains… because WOW these mountains are amazing! Jasper is a place of mountains… glorious, awe-inspiring, “look-way-up!” mountains. And being… Continue reading Harim: MOUNTAINS of the Most High

Ga’al: I bought you back. You are REDEEMED.

Redeem: ga’al. Verb. (Strong’s 1350).  Root: גָּאַל Sounds like: gaw-all The word redemption often comes up during the week of Passover or, for some, Passion week. We know we are redeemed, but does that really mean? In Hebrew the word ga’al (to redeem) means to “buy back”. The laws of Leviticus refer to being bought back… Continue reading Ga’al: I bought you back. You are REDEEMED.

Hosanna: Please SAVE us!

SAVE! HOSANNA!- yasha. Verb. (Strong’s 3467) Root: יָשַׁע (yasha), הוֹשַׁ֣ע  (ho'sha) Sounds like: ho’shiah (save!)… ho’wo’shieni (save me!)... h'woshienu (save us!)  Today is traditionally known as Palm Sunday. It is a memorial celebration honouring Yeshua’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem at the beginning of His final Passover week. Many of us remember waving paper palm branches in Sunday… Continue reading Hosanna: Please SAVE us!

Asham: I find no GUILT in Him

GUILT: asham (Strong’s 817, 816-819). Root: אָשָׁם Sounds like: aw-shawm People don't tend to like the word guilt, but it does pepper our language a fair bit: guilt trip, guilty pleasure, guilty conscience, guilt by association, innocent until proven guilty… Problem is, we make guilt a very “ME” centred word. It’s something that makes us feel bad. It's… Continue reading Asham: I find no GUILT in Him