Revisiting Hope (Tiqvah)

For the last 170 Sundays in a row I have presented a new Biblical Hebrew word to contemplate and trace through the Bible. Today, the 171st Sunday, I am trying something new. We’re going to go back in time to revisit a word from this blog’s past.

Image by Johannes Plenio (

There are a couple reasons I’m doing this. First of all, I’ve learned so much since beginning this blog. I know exponentially more than I did when I first laid fingers to keyboard. I’ve become a better writer and more competent Biblical researcher, and because of that I’m a bit hesitant to read early postings.

The really wonderful thing about moderating is that it seems to have an incredible shelf life. Postings I wrote three years ago are still read every single week (and in some instances every single day) so it’s important for them to be well maintained and consistent with the style and writing format as it has evolved over time. A review will allow me to address any shortcomings and allow me to clean up any structural or grammatical issues that I missed the first time around. I’m not re-writing the post, just tidying it up.

My second reason for revisiting old postings and slowing down on posting new words, is to give myself a little breather and open up some time for another project I have on the go. Although I have nothing official to announce at this time, I promise to keep you posted as things progress.

It is rather difficult to set aside time for anything else while researching and writing an (approximately 7000 word) essay every seven days! But I will continue coming up with new content, bi-weekly… because for me, there’s nothing more thrilling than diving into a new Hebrew Word to study. Each word is a treasure trove of discovery! The beauty of YHWH’s love letter to us is one word at a time!

Next week we will take a look at the Hebrew words for BRANCH.

In the meantime, please enjoy revisiting the Hebrew word tiqvah (hope) by clicking on the word below. Hope is what we all need to hold onto during these days of pandemic living. May you find peace and be hope-filled, not hope-less!


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