Harim: MOUNTAINS of the Most High

MOUNTAINS: harim. Masculine noun. (Strong’s 2022).  Root: הַר (singular: har). Sounds like: hareem This week I find myself in the beautiful town of Jasper Alberta for a library conference, so it seemed apt to choose the word mountains… because WOW these mountains are amazing! Jasper is a place of mountains… glorious, awe-inspiring, “look-way-up!” mountains. And being… Continue reading Harim: MOUNTAINS of the Most High

Ga’al: I bought you back. You are REDEEMED.

Redeem: ga’al. Verb. (Strong’s 1350).  Root: גָּאַל Sounds like: gaw-all The word redemption often comes up during the week of Passover or, for some, Passion week. We know we are redeemed, but does that really mean? In Hebrew the word ga’al (to redeem) means to “buy back”. The laws of Leviticus refer to being bought back… Continue reading Ga’al: I bought you back. You are REDEEMED.

Word List A-H

Accuser– satan-  שָׂטָן (Strong’s  7854) Adversary– satan-  שָׂטָן (Strong’s  7854) Almighty– Shaddai- שַׁדַּי (Strong’s 7706) Angel– malak- מֲלְאָךְ (Strong’s 4397) Anointed– mashiach- מָשִׁ֫יחַ (Strong’s 4899) Appointed times– moed- מוֹעֵד (Strong’s 4150) Atone/Atonement– kippur- כִּפֻּר  (Strong’s 3722, 2724, 3725) Awesome– gadol- גָּדַל (Strong’s 1419, 1431) Behold– hinneh- הִנֵּה (Strong’s 2009) Beginning– resheet- רֵאשִׁית (Strong’s 7225) Bethlehem– bet-lechem- בֵּ֥ית לָֽחֶם (Strong’s 1035) Birth– yalad- יָלַד (Strong’s 3205) Blameless– tamim- תָּמִים (Strong’s 8549, 8535) Blessing– barak- בָרַךְ (Strong’s 1288, 1289, 1293) Blossom– parakh- פָרַח… Continue reading Word List A-H