Yasad: The Firm FOUNDATION

FOUNDATION- Yasad. Verb. (Strong’s 3245); Yesud. Masculine Noun. (Strong’s 3246); Yesod. Feminine Noun. (Strong’s 3247); Moh’sadah (from the root of yasad). Feminine Noun. (Strong’s 4146). Root: יסד Sounds like: yaw’sawd The Biblical authors were big fans of metaphors, analogies, wordplay and a vast array of literary genres. They used word pictures- some we understand from… Continue reading Yasad: The Firm FOUNDATION

En Kheqer: Examining the UNEXPLAINABLE Creator

UNEXPLAINABLE/UNSEARCHABLE/UNFATHOMABLE/CANNOT EXAMINE: En kheqer. (Strong’s 2714). From verb khaqar (to examine/to search). (Strong’s 2713). Root: חֵקֶר Sounds like: (awn) kheh-ker Last week we looked at two words meaning to search. There is another word often translated as “search”, but perhaps more accurately means “to examine”. Kheqer is to examine or look at something in detail…… Continue reading En Kheqer: Examining the UNEXPLAINABLE Creator